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Code zero xc

The most versatile sail in your inventory

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Smart new design

Quantum's innovative XC cable-less platform is made with Quantum's high-performance Fusion M membranes and designed with iQ Technology®. High-density carbon and aramid yarns are run strategically from the head to the tack to provide luff tension, removing the need for a torsional cable and utilizing a pre-tensioned, semi-rigid airfoil structure.

The luff fibers taper into the body of the sail, transferring the head and tack loads to the sail's natural load paths. This results in a higher level of tension throughout the sail (acts more like a wing) and better retention of the draft-forward position, especially when sailing closer to the wind.

More Versatile, Better Performance

Because the Code Zero XC flies flatter and with straighter exits than a traditional Code Zero, the sail area can be increased. This allows the Code Zero XC to be used in a broader range of wind angles and windspeeds. A traditional Code Zero has a range from about 90 to 120 degrees; the Code Zero XC can cover 70 to over 130 degrees, making it much more versatile.

Rather than sagging on a cable, Quantum's design allows the sail to project forward and more to weather, resulting in an open exit angle and better all-around sail shape and performance.

Easier to handle

The Code Zero XC is not only better performing, it is also easier to handle. In addition to removing the heavy torsional cable, Quantum uses lightweight racing skins to lower the overall sail weight. The lower weight combined with ease of furling make the sail more friendly for your crew.

The sails have received rave reviews from owners and crew alike and can easily be set up to furl on either a bottom-up or a top-down furling system.

The iQ Technology Performance Advantage

Quantum's iQ Technology is one of the most comprehensive programs in the industry dedicated to technological advancement. The result is state-of-the-art technical capabilities for delivering data-driven solutions which enable creative advancements. Quantum's design team used this proprietary technology to observe precise stress and strain within the sail, as well as to study the flying shapes and performance to predict the structural loads throughout the sail and all attachment points. They were able test a wide range of solutions and optimize the designs to create a superior cable-less Code Zero with the best shape, largest ranges, and greatest speeds on the market.

Greater boat speed & wider angles

There's more luff projection to weather and twist (five to 10 degrees) in the Code Zero XC compared to a traditional Code Zero. The sail has a straighter, more stable leech and flatter exit, increasing drive in all conditions, but not overpowering the yacht in heavy-air reaching.

With the new design, there is less backwinding of the mainsail because there is less surplus material along the leech, which creates less drag when sailing close to the wind.

Trimming the Code Zero

In lighter air, you can ease the luff off a bit to sail at tighter angles. In the middle of the range, you pull the luff a bit tighter to keep sail setting as designed. As it gets windier and you sail wider angles, you can ease it up again to maximize drive and projection.

For Optimal Trim

  1. Looser in the luff to sail tight angles and light air
  2. Tighter in the luff in the middle working range of the sail
  3. Then ease it again in stronger and wider AWAS
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