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Just a follow-up from our recent spinnaker purchasing experience.  It was great and we love the new sail!  This is my first real purchase from a major loft, and I was nothing but impressed with both the customer service and the quality of the finished product.  We've received many positive comments about the aesthetics of the sail, and my trimmers (and I) are loving the quality, trim-ability and speed of our new go-to chute.  Because of our positive experience, I'm now looking for a new #1 AP racing genoa for the B. Many thanks to you all at Quantum!

Capt. Steve Vincent

The minute I opened the bag I could feel the wind blowing. Amazing—they must have packed the wind with it! I haven't unfolded it completely yet but the colors looked good. Very lightweight. I can't wait.

Mark Miller
Benteau 343

I want to thank you for our A-Chute. You spent considerable time with us; as a result, we purchased the exact sail we needed to win in the Annapolis Bermuda Ocean Race.

The two trophies on our mantel are largely due to your thoughtfulness and expertise. You talked us into a reaching, light air chute—which was not what we thought we needed. We flew your chute most of the way to Bermuda. Our Island Packet 485 sailed like a freight train! We won first to finish in our class and first in class corrected time. We beat every boat in the class above us, and two boats two classes above us! Thanks for the great sail!

John Rahm
IP485-41 Island Chariot
2012 Bermuda Ocean Race Champion

I put up the sails this weekend and am really happy with them. There is a significant improvement in the boat performance compared to the original sails. The old ones were never cut right. Whereas the old sails would only do about 40 percent of true wind speed, the new sails were performing at 50 to 60 percent of true wind speed through the entire range. The helm was extremely balanced through 20 knots of wind. Additionally, in a puff, the boat reacted immediately with a swift, smooth forward motion. The boat is extremely balanced. I am really happy with the sails.

Joe Sircely
Beneteau 400 C

Thank you for your great product, service and support. We have been using our new Quantum main and No. 1 for a couple months now, and we find them to be very fast. The increase in performance was instant and keeps improving as we get to know the sails. Our former competitors are quite jealous.

We looked at a couple other sailmakers for our new sails, and the learning process with regard to the new technologies was not easy. I truly appreciated Quantum Sails walking me through the process and answering my questions. When we need additional sails, you will get my call.
By the way: After five races, we have four firsts and a second.

Jim Saylor
Olson 30 Fast Company
Kauai, Hawaii

My experience with Quantum Sails has been a very good one. I own a Beneteau 361. A couple of years ago I bought a furling jib (100 percent) and, later, a furling mainsail. The process of this purchase has been very rewarding. From my initial contact, the salesperson proved to be of great counsel, understanding immediately what I wanted. The quotation process was also very easy. When had some technical issues with the furling mainsail, the salesperson was totally professional and dealt with the issues until they were solved to my satisfaction Ultimately, some specifications had to be modified and a new mainsail had to be rebuilt.
I have used these sails in San Francisco Bay for more than two years, and I am very satisfied with their structure and strength. I definitely recommend Quantum Sails.

Béneteau 361

Our first Quantum Fusion M mainsail was blazing fast right out of the bag. We bought two more sails and grew our speed so that we started to worry the leaders more often. We have continued to build our inventory one or two sails at a time to the point where we now have a complete compliment of new Quantum sails. We were extremely pleased with the dedication to attention and service—not to mention pure speed of the sails. The sails we bought in year one are still just as fast five years later.

This is a company who prides themselves on service and support. If you are looking for a sail that is fast, crafted with the highest standards, and backed by a team that stands behind its product, then look no further than Quantum Sails.

Bill Walker

When we decided on Quantum for our first set of new sails for our Islander 36, the Quantum representative came and measured the rig and discussed our needs for racing one design on San Francisco Bay.

The measurements alone took more than an hour. The new sails fit perfectly, within a quarter-inch tolerance on all dimensions. The rep helped us set up the sails, and we went on to win the season championship.

After about 25 races, a recent inspection at the Quantum loft indicated we still have a lot of shape left in the cloth. We are looking forward to another successful season.

Tom Newton, Skipper
Islander 36 Captain Hooke

My order from Quantum consisted of two replacement head-sails for my Cheoy Lee ketch. After I provided the necessary measurements to the Quantum representative, he took the extra step to ensure that the order was correct by arranging a personal visit to my boat. The rep completed his task in a timely manner, and then gave me an estimate of the time required for construction and delivery of the sails. I received email updates from him on a regular basis, and as the day of delivery approached, we made arrangements to meet at the sail loft for inspection of the finished product. The rep and his staff gave my sails a thorough inspection, pointing out some additional work that was done to strengthen stress points, and fabrication that was far beyond my expectations.

The pricing was exactly what had been quoted, despite all of the extra work done by Quantum.
The final test was my first day of sailing with the two new sails. What a treat! The cut was perfect, the performance of the boat was improved, the furling was easier, and the result was one extremely satisfied owner.

Would I order from Quantum again? Most definitely! Would I recommend Quantum to other sailors? Without any reservation whatsoever.

Steve Brennan
Cheoy Lee Clipper 36, S/V Northern Lights

Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the new sail. It is perfect! It adds at least a knot of speed with every wind angle and allows us to point much better. Thanks again.

Karen and Eddie
Beneteau 50

I purchased a set of sails from Quantum Sail Design Group (Annapolis, Maryland) along with a Dutchman system for the mainsail. I have been very happy with the service I received. My Quantum representative was very knowledgeable, met or exceeded all time limits, was always punctual for appointments, and addressed all of my concerns or questions promptly. The quality and construction of the sails met all of my expectations. I will be adding to my sail inventory in the near future, and will purchase them from Quantum.

Mark Brown
Pacific Seacraft Orion

Quantum’s service department has always provided excellent and efficient repairs on the sails we have sent in. Additionally, when we have referred a customer considering the possibility of new sails, Quantum has contacted them quickly and guided them in the right direction. We have been extremely satisfied with both the quality and cost of Quantum Sails, and would highly recommend Quantum to anyone interested in purchasing new sails for their boat.

Christine Germann, Christy Sereboff and John Spangler
Canvas Connection

Thanks to Quantum for working with me to help the BC27 project come together. Delivery was on time at a competitive price, and Quantum took the time to make sure the sails fit on a prototype design. Because of Quantum’s efforts, we were competitive in our debut regatta with no time to learn the boat. Everything I've come to expect from our past 10 years of experience with Quantum.

Brian Jones
BC Boatworks, Inc.

Ever since we bought our Apogee 50 sloop four years ago, the team at Quantum has made us feel like we have our own personal sailmaker. While our solent rig is a little unusual for the Chesapeake region, you have taken the time to understand the boat and to listen to our short- and long-term sailing plans. We have modified the setup, re-cut some of the existing inventory and built new sails that fit our needs and budget. As a result, my wife, daughter and I have sailed thousands of offshore miles safely and quickly. We look forward to continuing to work with you to make Arcadia even better!

Lex, Allison and Lu Birney
Apogee 50 Arcadia

I recently ordered a suite of sails through your Annapolis office and I was thoroughly impressed and satisfied through the entire process. I was provided polite and prompt service when initially speaking with your representatives to quote the job and the sails I was interested in. I was assigned a designer who listened to me, worked with me, and most importantly stayed in touch with me through the process. I was ordering a new genoa, a storm jib and storm trysail for my cruising Ericson 38. The recommendations and suggestions provided by my rep were excellent, and the process of working together to achieve my goals was enjoyable and successful. I was provided with superior-quality sails at an excellent price that fit my budget. As a cruiser, budget and quality are a constant goal; both were achieved for my sails.

I received my new sails about a month prior to re-launching after extensive outfitting. I couldn't wait to try out the new genoa, and it performed better than expected. The foam luff suggested allows me to furl it well beyond a 100-percent jib, and still performs well in upwind and downwind conditions. The storm sails have only been raised for trial and not put through an actual storm, but I can tell the quality and strength of these sails will carry me through anything the sea demons can orchestrate. I'm extremely satisfied with all the sails, and especially my new genoa. I would not hesitate to recommend this office to anyone I run into looking for sails, and in the future I will rely on the excellent service, quality and value provided to me for all of my needs.

Stephen and Taryn Toman
Ericson 38 Synchronicity

We bought a set of sails from Quantum Sails for our Hans Christian Christina 43 in 2006. We specifically wanted a full-roach main and a 110 percent genoa for light-air performance and less heel in stronger winds. The 1987 cutter we bought in 1997 had pretty much worn out her Banks sails bought in 1998. To our amazement, the new sails increased our performance in all types of air. We sold the boat in 2007 and the sails were a great selling point. The new owners were impressed with the overall sailing performance, which was largely due to the sails we bought from Quantum.

Bill Thomas
Sundeer 60

A classic vessel does not need vintage sails. When my 1930 schooner Mistress deserved a new suite, Quantum Sails took the project with the interest, attention and care that we've given to the entire restoration effort. The staff at Quantum truly appreciated the opportunity to dress Mistress in their best, and they insisted on fitting her perfectly.

Glenn McCormick
Schooner Mistress

I was extremely pleased with the professionalism of the staff, and the quality, value and performance of the main and asym spinnaker you built for our C&C 110. The sails were perfect right out of the bag. I think the quality of the sails helped us sell the boat to the first buyer that saw her. Now I'm in the market for our next boat and if she needs sails, I know who to call.

Tony Neuvel
C&C 110

In June 2008, I purchased a Quantum 135-percent cross-cut furling genoa for my Tartan 3500. The entire process from start to finish was smooth as silk, and my new sail was ready in short order. The sales rep custom designed this beauty after I asked him to pretend it was his boat. There's a rewarding "wow" factor from guests when I unfurl this sweet sail. 

Phil Renaud
Executive Director, Living Oceans Foundation

From our initial contact with Quantum through post delivery follow-up, our experience was nothing short of fantastic. Initially, we just wanted to replace our genoa. We are cruisers, so we elected for the woven-style sail. The Quantum representative delivered and installed the sail—and to our delight, utilized the full capabilities of the fit to our boat. Upon our first sail we were amazed at the performance and shape of the sail, which maximized the performance we can get out of this boat in a 15-knot wind. Wow! Later we found ourselves in gusts of up to 30 knots on the bay. No problem—just reefed it in to a 140, then 130, where we maintained excellent shape and virtually no weather helm in the gusts with fantastic performance. What a dramatic difference.

Later in the fall, we were so delighted with the earlier experience that we decided to go ahead and replace the main. Again, the Quantum rep jumped to it, and we again were overwhelmed by a superb job in service, quality and performance! 
In our opinion, you cannot do better than the quality and service from Quantum Sails.

Mark and Susan Okkerse
Mooresville, NC    

In February of 2008 I decided it was time to upgrade the sails on my 1980 Tartan 37. Although I mostly cruise, I wanted sails that would hold up to the most challenging conditions and be reliable for future ocean voyages. Additionally, I wanted to work with a loft that would not only provide friendly, expert service but also have lofts worldwide. After researching for about two months, the choice was obvious: Quantum Sails. The representative took the time to not only evaluate my old sails and rig, but he came out to the boat numerous times to measure and make sure all the fittings on the new sails would be fastened correctly. After settling in on the weight of the cloth and size of the jib, the order was placed and the rep kept me up to speed on the production process. Upon delivery, the sails were fitted on the boat to perfection and the subsequent performance has been amazing: a full 1.5 knots faster! I would recommend Quantum to anyone needing an upgrade to their sail inventory.

Peter Holzinger
Tartan 37 S/V Persuasion

I recently made a change to Quantum Sails after three years with another well-known sail maker. I was somewhat skeptical and apprehensive as I was expecting that once I purchased a new suit of sails, the promises of participation in my sailing program would be forgotten.

However, the customer service representative has shown true sincerity and genuine interest to ensure our success in our Quantum experience. Not only has he been a great guy to sail with and fun to have on my boat, but has shown why he is an unbelievable talent as a tactician and friend, bringing us to a well-earned first-place victory in our first regatta together. We are looking forward to many more with his participation.
Quantum products are well made, the service is fantastic, and everyone connected to the Quantum organization has shown a genuine interest to ensure that our program results in success after success.
I made the right choice when I decided to switch sail makers and am excited to have Quantum on my team.

Beneteau 36.7

We sailed to Freeport on Sunday a week ago with winds of about 15 to 20 knots in the morning and then 20-25 knots in the afternoon, with seas at 8 to 12 feet. The Quantum headsail worked really well in those conditions: perfect size, good shape, strong, and easy to trim and furl in and out. Nice product! Thank you for that. 

Paul Ake
Catalina 34 Marcela 

I bought my first set of white sails along with an all-purpose A-sail from Quantum when I purchased my Beneteau First 44.7 new. The sails had excellent performance right out of the box, and with the tweaking that the Quantum rep provided, we placed first in our first regatta. Over the next couple of years, our sail budget included upgrading to a Quantum Fusion main and genoa, plus a symmetrical spinnaker. All have been excellent. Not only does Quantum build an excellent product for a very fair price, the follow-up from their local sailmakers and service make Quantum the first choice on the Gulf Coast.

Jeff Hart
Beneteau First 44766 Rosalita

I can't tell you how big of an improvement we've seen in the performance of our J/22 since changing to Quantum Sails. The sails are easy to tune, and easy to find the groove. The team at Quantum is always there to answer questions and offer tips on improving our performance. I recommend Quantum Sails to anyone. 

Ken Taylor
J/22 USA-45

Thank you for years of excellent service. You have been with me through boat after boat; you are always there when I need you. I have taken your sails from Antigua to Honolulu and never had a problem. They are always fast, and they last and last. That is an owner’s dream come true! I am sure you will help me out again as we get geared up for another Transpac run this year. The only sails we use come from you.

Steve Hastings
SC 50T Passion
Corpus Christi, Texas

Our J/22 has been running around with “Q’s” for more years than I can remember. We have always had excellent service and support, and our Quantum rep has helped us immensely over the past decade. We are so pleased with the Q sails that we now have a full set for our assault on the Shark World Chapionship this summer. When we asked around in the Shark class, new to us, it was clear Q’s are the standard. Heck, even my daughter has a Q sail on her Optimist dinghy, and it serves her extremely well. Three boats, all Q!

Larry Huibers
J/22 Alternative Girlfriend

Last August, a representative from Quantum Sails came out to my boat and measured her for fitting a new mainsail and a new headsail. After the new sails were installed, he took the care to personally go back out to the boat and inspect the sails under actual sailing conditions at all points of sail. Afterwards, in the pursuit of perfection, the rep took it upon himself to "tweak" the new sails with a few minor adjustments in order to obtain that last ounce of performance. One month later our sailboat won our division’s first place and the Cameron Perpetual Trophy in the 2008 Harvest Moon Regatta.

I could not be more satisfied with the quality of my new Quantum Sails or the support provided by our Quantum rep. 

Ted Greak
Captain S/V Frayed Not