Quantum Racing


Boat and Sail Stats

Quantum Racing is a 52-foot racing yacht that competes in the TP52 class. It is much faster than many larger racing boats, achieving speeds of up to 25 knots. The TP52 is very stable due to its lightweight hull, deep keel with a large bulb, powerful sail plan, and the high performance hydrodynamics of the hull.

Quantum Racing is equipped with Fusion M™ Grand Prix sails from Quantum Sails. These high modulus, carbon fiber membrane sails feature a custom fiber array and shapes developed with the company’s iQ Technology™. The panels are laminated in a two-step, vacuum-pressure process, cured, then shaped—a method that guarantees the repeatability of sail shapes.

Boat Stats

Boat Type: TP52
Owner: Doug DeVos
From: USA 
Manufacture Date: 2018
Designer: Botin Partners
Builder: Longitude Zero/Spain
Length: 15.85 m
Draft: 3.5 m
Beam: 4.42 m
Displacement: 7025 kg
Mast Height (from water line): 23.8m 
Bow Sprit Length: 2260mm
Mast Weight: 235 kg
Crew Weight Max: 1050 kg
Mainsail Area: 98.0 m2
Spinnaker Area: 270.0 m2
Jib Area: 66.0 m2  

Onboard Sail Inventory

Jibs (4)
Staysails (1)
Mainsails (1)
Storm Trysails (1)
Storm Jibs (1)
Heavy-Weather Jibs (1)