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Our commitment runs deep

At Quantum, we believe that true sustainability comes from changing how we do things. This includes the big efforts, like using recycled materials throughout our manufacturing process and improving how we run our facilities, and the smaller efforts, like swapping out for energy-efficient lightbulbs in our lofts and using reusable water bottles on our race boats. Read about our current initiatives, and know we remain committed to continually developing and improving towards a more sustainable future.

Harnessing the Sun for Sails

We're proud to be the first sailmaker to have a major production facility 100% powered by solar. Our new panels will save 3,500 gallons of diesel each month.


Our new EcoSeries cruising sails are manufactured from diverted trash and plastic, recycled fibers, and use lamination processes that are kinder to the environment.

Going Greener

We have been working for years to reduce our impact on the environment. This year we are making big strides with the help of our new Director of Sustainability.

EcoSeries Sails

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Quantum is pleased to offer a full range of cruising fabrics built from recycled materials. EcoSeries sails are made from sustainably sourced and manufactured materials without sacrificing durability or performance. Created using diverted plastic, recycled fibers, and without using polluting solvents or PFAS chemicals, EcoSeries sails are as good of an investment for your boat as they are for the environment. Reach out to your local Quantum Loft representative for more information.

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2 high-performing sustainable sails and 1 recycled skin option for our Fusion M Sails.

2,336 diverted plastic bottles in one 40-foot-boat EcoCross mainsail.

50-100% recycled fibers and materials in our EcoSeries sails.

3,500 gallons of diesel saved from being burned each month due to solar panels.

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