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Solar Powered Manufacturing

At Quantum, we aim to optimize our production process to the most sustainable options possible from start to finish. We continually evaluate our strategies for ways that we can save materials, reduce waste, and choose more environmentally-friendly options for production. This includes swapping the power source of our main production facility in Sri Lanka for a greener option. In November of 2022, we began a total solar overhaul of the facility. When completed in February of 2023, Quantum Sails will be the only global sailmaker with a main production facility fully powered by solar energy. 

“Committing to more sustainable manufacturing practices has been a top priority at Quantum, and having a solar powered production facility is a major step,” says Andrew Scott, “We’re proud to be an industry leader when it comes to solar power and hope we can continue to not only inspire and effect change across the entire sport, but also in sailors’ day-to-day lives.”

Our new solar panels will capture up to 44,000 electrical units a month, while our facility consumes an average of 42,000 a month. The excess energy produced by the panels is put back into the power grid, helping to support the local community in Sri Lanka that experiences frequent energy shortages. As an alternative energy option, our solar panels will save 3,500 gallons of diesel from being burned in electrical power plants each month.

We are excited to lead the way in sustainable production and look forward to continuing to expand our efforts across all of our locations globally. Reach out to your local loft to become a part of our movement — Go Green. Sail Green.

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