Melges 15

Built with the best materials and designed to perform, Quantum Melges 15 sails will deliver no matter your next challenge. These all-purpose one design sails are fast and easy to trim, from your very first day on the water, to a winter series regatta. The experts at Quantum Sails Zenda have built these sails with stability, ease of use, and performance front of mind, helping you maximize your enjoyment on the water.

Quantum's Melges 15 experts are at your service with on-site support, regatta debriefs, tuning guides, and many more resources to come. Reach out to our team with any questions to help you achieve your optimal performance in every condition.

Melges 15 Mainsails

Melges 15 Mainsail

The Melges 15 mainsail has a versatile design that is fast, easy to trim and tune, and can power through chop as well as it glides through flatter seas. This all-purpose, one design mainsail can do it all.

Please purchase sails through Quantum Sails Zenda 262-275-1110.

Melges 15 Headsails

Melges 15 Jib

Like the mainsail, this dynamic, all-purpose headsail is built for ease of use without sacrificing speed and performance. It’s deep enough to keep you rumbling in light or choppy conditions, but can be trimmed flatter to excel in smooth water and moderate to heavy breeze.

Please purchase sails through Quantum Sails Zenda 262-275-1110.

Melges 15 Spinnakers

Melges 15 Asymmetrical Spinnaker

The asymmetric spinnaker boosts performance, while the single-pull launch and retrieval system makes handling the sail easy and fast. Designed with a versatile cut, this sail will allow you to pop up on plane and rip, or utilize a lower mode when needed.

Please purchase sails through Quantum Sails Zenda 262-275-1110.

Choose a Team Member

Harry Melges III

Harry Melges III

Harry Melges III has worked in the sail making and sailboat building businesses his entire life. Growing up in a family business that supplies high-performance sails and sailboats, Harry was constantly thinking of ways to push the boundaries. How can we sail a boat faster, make a sail faster, or build a boat better?

Melges' mission has been to encourage more people to participate in the sport we love by bringing forward products that make boats easier and more fun to sail and improving quality and value with every new addition to the Melges line-up.

From a young age Harry spent much of his time crawling around the sail loft, learning from the artisans of the 70s and 80s how to make sails the "old school" way, something that is somewhat lost in our computer world. Taking that experience and blending it with today's technology has produced some of the fastest sails in our one-design classes through the years.

Harry is thrilled to be joining Quantum Sails, a company with values similar to Melges, and fully committed to promoting and growing the great sport of sailing while delivering the highest quality products at the best value. "I'm excited to be working with an American company that always makes the customers' needs its number-one priority."

Basic info
  • Position: Sail Consultant
Career highlights
  • Developed One-Design Classes: M14, M15, M17, M20, M24, M32. Team member on the Melges IC37 class development
  • 4 World Championship victories: M24, M32 and 5.5 Meter
  • Over 75 North American, European, National, and Inland Championships in various classes: DN iceboat, Nite Iceboat, A skeeter iceboat, A stern steerer iceboat, X boat, M17, M20, M24, M32, A scow, E scow, C scow, MC scow, Soling, 5.5 Meter
  • 2019 Inland Lake Yachting Association Hall of Fame inductee
Andy Burdick

Andy Burdick has been a lifelong ambassador for the Inland Lake Yachting Association and a tireless advocate for the sport of sailing. He eagerly shares his skills and knowledge with anyone who inquires, routinely leading youth sailing clinics and proudly representing 4 generations of Burdick sailors. He has won over 60 championships during the course of his sailing career, spanning four decades in many classes.

Andy's rich knowledge of each Melges class makes him a unique resource for our customers and an excellent addition to the team here at Quantum Sails. His attention to detail and emphasis on customer service make him well suited to help you with any needs you may have.

Basic info
  • Position: Sail Consultant
Career highlights
  • 34x Inland Lake Yachting Association Championships: Class A, E, C, MC, M-16 and X Boat Classes
  • Over 30 National Championships in classes: Melges 24, A, E, MC, C
  • 2x Melges 24 World Champion
  • Nite Iceboat National Champion
  • 2019 Inland Lake Yachting Association Hall of Fame inductee.
Eddie Cox

Eddie grew up on White Bear Lake, Minnesota where he began racing Melges X-Boats as a junior sailor and was the head coach of the race teams from 2011-2015. Eddie attended Hobart College in Geneva, NY where he was a 4-year starter on the sailing team.

Straight out of college in 2016, Eddie started working for Melges Performance Sailboats, where he oversees sales and plays a pivotal role in the development of boats such as the new Melges 15. Eddie actively races A Scows, E Scows, MCs, Melges 24s, Melges 14s, and Melges 15s.

Basic info
  • Position: Sail Consultant
Career highlights
  • 2008-9 X Inland Championship, 2nd Place
  • 2009 X Boat Blue Chip Champions
  • 2009 GLSS Regatta, 1st
  • 2016-17 WMYA MC Scow Champion
  • 2017-19 E Scow Nationals, Top 5
  • 2017 E Scow Inland, 2nd place
  • 2017 MC Scow National Champion
  • 2017 Melges 14 National Champion
  • 2018 E Scow Blue Chip Champions
  • 2018 Melges 14 Midwinter Champion
  • 2019 MC Scow Blue Chip Winner
  • 2019 MC Nationals, 3rd place
  • 2019 E Scow Invitational Champions
Jim Gluek

Jim Gluek has dedicated his life to the scow sailing community. He has a long list of loyal lifetime customers. His success is based on his willingness to help his sailing friends. Jim is always ready to help with tuning, sail trim, Melges parts, and other sailing needs.

His dedication to sailing is just the foundation of his success. Jim is an accomplished sailor, a 4-time National C scow champion, and an authorized expert in all scow classes from A - X boat.

Basic info
  • Position: Sail Consultant
Date Regatta Result
Sep 19, 2021 Melges 15 National Championship 2021 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Mar 28, 2021 Melges 15 Winter Series Event 3 2
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