Multihull Racing Upwind Sails



Quantum’s multihull racing sails are developed using the most technically advanced design, lamination and shaping methods in the industry. Known as iQ Technology®, this integrated and proprietary process results in sail shapes that are fast, efficient and infinitely repeatable. 


Sail shape, and minimizing stretch, are the key variables in delivering optimum upwind performance and reducing heel and weather helm. These factors also extend a sail’s range. Quantum offers a full range of construction options for the racing sailor to help maximize shape and minimize stretch. Every upwind sail can be tailored to match boat size, budget, and demand for shape and shape life.

Cross-cut Woven Polyester

Woven sails rely on the proven performance and durability of traditional woven polyester (Dacron®). They are constructed of pre-made materials in a cross-cut panel configuration (oriented luff to leech). They continue to be the most popular and affordable type of construction for small to medium size racing boats, providing excellent balance between performance and durability.

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Fusion M® Sails

Fusion M® racing sails utilize composite construction. They are engineered on a sail-by-sail basis as one-piece membranes with custom fiber/filament mapping tailored to the sail’s design purpose and expected usage. They utilize a variety of filament and fiber types. They provide lower stretch and greater strength, improving both initial performance and long-term shape retention. Fusion M® sails represent the ultimate performance option.

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Tri-Radial Sails

Tri-Radial sails take advantage of radiating panels of pre-made materials oriented from the three corners to better align the fabric thread line with sail loadings. The length, or “warp” fiber of the material, is oriented to align with the primary load path. Better alignment results in lower stretch improving shape holding. With multiple material options, the TR Series provides a performance upgrade compared to traditional woven polyester sails.

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