Multihull Racing Upwind Sails

Cross-Cut Woven Polyester

Cross-Cut Sail Construction

Quantum's woven polyester mainsails and headsails (RW 1000) set the standard for cross-cut construction, bringing an unmatched level of refinement and attention to detail to the basic workhorse of the racing inventory. Durability, ease of handling and performance are equally weighted design criteria.

Designed for Maximum Control

When it comes to boat handling and sailing enjoyment, it’s sail shape that makes the difference. Sail shapes are custom-designed for your boat by Quantum’s experienced sail designers based on expected usage and boat-specific constraints such as mast bend, displacement and righting moment. Sail shapes feature a smooth, flat aerodynamic profile for optimum upwind performance, with an open trailing edge to reduce heeling and weather helm. The shape allows sailing into a higher range of wind conditions before reefing becomes necessary.

The Right Materials for the Job

Woven materials for racing sails differ from their cruising counterparts based on the amount of resination. The firm, crisp feel, and the load noise of a luffing sail are characteristic of the “yarn tempered” finish found in racing woven materials. Quantum’s woven sails are made using only the highest quality, tightly woven, and most stretch resistant woven polyester available. Minimizing stretch is the key to creating a durable sail with exceptional shape holding.

All woven materials are not created equal; there are variations in yarn type, thickness, weave and finish. We test and use only top-grade sailcloth, appropriate to the application, selected from the best that leading suppliers have to offer. Quantum's sailcloth is tested in-house. This allows Quantum to not only use the very best, but also make sure the fabric is appropriate to the application.

Built to Take On the Toughest Racing Conditions

Quantum's woven polyester racing mainsails and headsails deliver long-lasting performance. Our modern, cross-cut construction features panels joined with extra wide seams, using a combination of adhesives and multiple rows of triple-throw stitching, with additional "butterfly" reinforcements at both the inboard and outboard ends.

Over-sized, tear-drop shaped radial plied patches are used in all three corners to conform to the shape of the primary loadings. Corners are glued and power-pressed into position for maximum bonding and smoothness. A specially-engineered batten pocket system, double luff tapes, extra layering, and chafe protection are all standard features.