Chasing the Dream Ep 3: Final Pre-Race Practice Sail + Boat Safety & Sailing Gear Checks

September 3, 2021

Episode 3

After a spectacular wipeout in EP2 Team VICHINGO heads back out on the water for the Annapolis Yacht Club Wednesday Night Series. Still fresh from the lessons learned in the previous week, this will be the team's final day out on the water before the yacht heads to Chicago for the start of the Mac Race. Meanwhile, Team ARTEMIS, just a week to go before the Annapolis to Newport Race, are down to their final checks and safety review. The team heads out on the Chesapeake to dial the yacht in before race day. 


Chasing the Dream tells the story and shares the experience of individuals with their sights set on achieving remarkable dreams. In this first series, we follow along with the crews of two Italia Yachts, ARTEMIS, and VICHINGO, as they prepare to compete in two of the most iconic sailing races in the world. This six-part video series, professionally produced by 410 Films in Annapolis, will take you behind the scenes and into the cockpit of both sailing yachts as they plan, prepare, and compete.


The Annapolis to Newport Race, or A2N as it’s commonly known, is one of the most historic and well-known blue water sailboat races in the United States. A bucket-list sailing race for many, this is one of the most prestigious sailing events in the US. A destination to a destination event, linking landmark towns, is a diverse and challenging offshore race. Sailors navigate their yachts over 475 miles through the fickle waters of the Chesapeake, then a long stretch in the open ocean before arriving on the rocky shores of New England.


Hosted annually by the Chicago Yacht Club, the Race to Mackinac has become somewhat of an allure to sailors locally and worldwide. It is undoubtedly one of the top races for many. Stretching out over 333 miles of open water, the race is widely known for its unpredictable weather, challenging conditions, and massive storm systems that can develop out of nowhere.


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