Your Favorite Articles of 2023

Take a look back at your favorite articles from this year, from cruising to racing, sail care, and profiles. Visit our Resources & Expertise page to search through the archives for more! 

1. Going Green

Working with our Director of Sustainability, we compiled a list of the best tips and tricks to make your time on the blue a little more green. In the series, we covered racing, cruising, and boat maintenance

2. Conquering the Asymmetrical Spinnaker

Possibly as daunting as they are useful, the truth is that spinnakers — and particularly asymmetrical spinnakers — are easy to set, douse, and trim when a few simple but important processes are followed. Once the technique is established and practiced, you can excitedly anticipate both the top and the bottom marks and the fun downwind sleigh ride in the middle. 

3. Staying in Control in Breeze 

Trim and technique allow you to be the master of your boat when it gets windy, instead of the other way around. Quantum Expert David Flynn checks in with his best tips and tricks for making the big air days big win days, too. 

4. Inside Quantum Sails Sri Lanka

Take a behind-the-scenes look into Quantum Sails’ production facility in Sri Lanka with COO Andrew Scott, Production Standards Director Stephane Rouvillois, and Certified Sailmaker Reinhard. 

5. New Quantum Sails Developed Ahead of Moth Worlds

With Mike Lennon joining the Quantum team in January 2023, Quantum took the lead in the design and innovation of Moth sails — and became a favorite of national and world championship winners. Inspired by the performance of these sailors and Quantum’s drive for constant improvement of design, construction, and performance, we developed updated designs in the Moth this year. 

6. Q&A With Carmen Cowles — Quantum Women’s Collegiate Sailor of the Year

Our annual award is presented annually to an individual who has performed at the highest level of competition in district and national championships. Quantum’s goal with this award is to not only acknowledge excellence in women’s sailing but also to support and foster the growth of women in our sport in college and beyond. This year, the selection committee chose Carmen Cowles, a Yale Bulldog who, along with her team, won the ICSA Women’s Team Race National Championships.

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