Racing Upwind Sails

Fusion M Sails

Fusion M® Performance Advantage

Using Quantum's state-of-the-art iQ Technology® design process, each Fusion M Racing sail is developed and optimized specifically for your boat and racing challenges—whether you’re racing around the world or trying to best your local rival. The custom sail design is developed using the most advanced membrane construction and shaping methods in the industry to guarantee infinitely repeatable and unprecedented shapes in an easy to trim package. Fusion M Racing sails are the fastest and most efficient tailor-made sail for your program.

A wide range of fiber and filament packages, combined with the latest skin options, offer whatever balance between pure performance and ultimate durability you need. From ultimate strength and weight ratio to sails tough enough to go around the world, Quantum's Fusion M series has you covered.

All Fusion M sails are available in square-top or pin-head options and in either VX (black or gray) or Clear skins.