Quantum has dedicated more time and resources to the J/109 class than any other sailmaker worldwide. With sail development headed up by Kerry Klingler, Quantum sails have dominated the North American championships.

A key component of our upwind sails is how well they work together. The main and jib are well-matched and easy to tune to different wind conditions. Our comprehensive tuning guide makes it easy to set up the boat and tune for different conditions. The Quantum AP Class Asymmetrical is forgiving and fast, allowing the boat to sail deep angles while maintaining speed.

Give your Quantum J/109 Class contact a call to get more information on our fast, updated designs, and find out how we can help get your program on the podium.

J/109 Mainsails

J/109 Fusion M Mainsail LS - Hardware

This product may be ordered through your local rep or a class expert.

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J/109 Headsails

J/109 Fusion M Heavy 105% Jib LS - Roller Battens

The heavy jib is constructed with 30% carbon, 70% Twaron®, and 18,000 denier at the mid leech. Utilizing the latest technology in scrim and laminates, this product is designed to be a high-performance, long-lasting sail. Designed with a high DPI for strength and stretch resistance, it has a flatter shape for windy conditions while still being adjustable enough to perform well if the wind lets up. This jib is offered with roller battens for quick sail changes and easy storage without removing the battens. Our teams have had great success with this sail in 17-23 knots. Includes draft stripes and full-length Headsail Turtle for storage.

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J/109 Spinnakers

J/109 A2 Class Asymmetrical - Airx 650

The sail is designed for class windward/leeward course racing. Offered in Airx 650 which meets class rules for minimum weight. Airx 650 is preferred in windy conditions. Both sails are easy to trim and fast. Includes lower lazy sheet preventer, spinnaker duffle and inked sail numbers.

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J/109 A2 Class Asymmetrical - Superkote 75

This sail is designed for class windward/leeward course racing and is built from Superkote 75, which meets class rules for minimum weight. Superkote 75 has a different finish that performs well in lighter wind ranges. Both sails are easy to trim and fast. Sail includes lower lazy sheet preventer, spinnaker duffle and inked sail numbers.

This product may be ordered through your local rep or a class expert.

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Choose a Team Member

Kerry Klingler

When Kerry Klingler was eight years old, his father decided sailing would be a good sport for the family to enjoy together. Kerry and his dad learned to sail at the same time, and Kerry fell in love. He started to race competitively at the local yacht club, and by the time he was a senior in high school he knew he wanted to make the sailing industry his career. He dreamed of life as a sailmaker and decided to pursue that dream.

Kerry jumped into the industry and found himself not only making sails, but running a loft as well. While he appreciated the opportunity to stay in the industry, he felt his talents growing stale. "I was designing sails, but no one was pushing me to the next level as a maker or designer," he said. "I started looking for a position where I could design with a company that was technologically advanced so I could become a better, smarter, more advanced sail designer."

He found that opportunity at Quantum Sails. As the J-Boat Team Leader, Kerry not only designs sails for some of the largest One Design fleets, he also gets out of the loft to help his clients get the most out of every sail. Though people recognize him as a dedicated sailmaker, he’s also working hard all the time to provide the best service and products for their boats.

"I teach them first," he said. "I show them how to tune the boat, how the sail should sit on the boat, how to trim it, and more. It's a pretty comprehensive session where I try to infuse as much knowledge as possible."

Basic info
  • Nationality: USA
  • Position: J-Boat Team Leader
Career highlights
  • J/80 – 4-time North American champion, former world champion and top competitor since 2000
  • J/109 – 5-time North American champion
  • Numerous big boat races, including success on J/133 and J/146. Most recently winning the Newport to Bermuda race on Apollo, a new J/121.
Scott Nixon

Scott Nixon has been involved with racing his whole life. An All-American sailor at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Scott later coached many students to the All-American ranks at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. He has a wide range of racing experiences, including dinghies, One Design keelboats, inshore big boats, and offshore distance racing.

Scott joined Quantum Sails in 2000, and his experiences bring a unique skill-set to Quantum’s programs. Focusing primarily on One Design classes, he is directly involved in testing, design, and development of Quantum’s One Design sail programs, working directly with the design team to make sure Quantum® sails are at the front of the fleet.

Scott has sailed with Quantum customers to win championships at the world, Gold Cup, European, North American, and national levels. His hands-on approach includes active campaigns and racing in the following classes for Quantum: J/22, J/24, J/70, J/80, J/109, J/111, C&C 30, Farr 30, Farr 40, NYYC 42, Swan 45, Melges 20, Melges 24, and Melges 32.

Basic info
  • Nationality: USA
  • Position: Global Offshore One Design Director
  • Current Town: Annapolis
George Szabo

George grew up in San Diego racing Stars, Lasers and Snipes. As a kid, he made sails for his model boats before eventually taking a part-time job with Quantum during high school and college. He came on full-time in 1993 as a sailmaker and designer.

Using the latest computer design programs, George is able to create the fastest, most efficient sails for smaller One Design boats. This technology, combined with his intimate understanding of One Design sailing, allows him to create the most versatile sails available. The San Diego loft designs a variety of One Design sails, including Thistle and Lido 14, but their specialties are Olympic Class Star and Snipe boats.

George is the 2009 Star World Champion, as well as an 21-time National/North American Champion. In addition to his sail-making abilities and wins, he is also an accomplished keelboat tactician and trimmer.

Basic info
  • Nationality: USA
  • Position: Sail and Design Consultant
  • Current Town: San Diego
Career highlights
  • 2011 Star North American Champion
  • 2010 Star North American Champion
  • 2009 Star World Champion
  • 2005 Star North American Champion
  • 2005 Snipe National Champion
  • 2001 Star North American Champion
  • 2000 Snipe North American Champion
  • 2000 Snipe National Champion
  • 1999 Snipe North American Champion
  • 1999 Snipe National Champion
  • 1998 Snipe North American Champion
  • 1998 Snipe National Champion
  • 1997 Snipe North American Champion
  • 1997 Snipe National Champion
Date Regatta Result
Oct 15, 2022 2022 J/109 North American Championships 2, 5, 6, 7