For over 80 years, the technical versatility of the Snipe has made it a go-to class for a range of sailors, from beginners to seasoned professionals and Olympians. Quantum's sail package for this class has been meticulously fine-tuned to match the versatility of the boat and help you conquer any challenge. Our mainsails and headsails are designed for high performance and easy trimming in every condition and perfect for sailors of all levels from the first hoist.

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Snipe Mainsails

Snipe Mainsail P-4

The P-4 B is expertly crafted to be the ultimate all-around power sail. Designed with a fuller head and middle section, heavier crews and light-air sailors can rest assured that they’ll have the extra speed and performance required to lead the fleet. Th P-4 B is built with premium quality Dimension Polyant fabric to make the sail rugged, durable, and inexpensive. We’ve added a radial head reinforcement to make this sail even more resilient. The middle and lower sections of the sail are cross cut for shape retention and longevity. The P-4 B performs exceptionally well when seas get rough. This sail’s deeper draft gives sailors the confidence and ability to sail quickly in even the lightest of conditions.

INCLUDES: Battens, vision windows, roll bag, royalties, telltales, tackline.

Snipe Mainsail C-5

With its focus on performance, it's no wonder the C-5 B is our most popular mainsail. The sail has a good amount of control added to its tip and a good balance of power in the middle. The C-5 B is built with premium quality Dimension Polyant fabric and a radial head reinforcement to make the sail last longer. The middle and lower sections of the sail are cross cut for shape retention and longevity. Designed with a fuller mid-section and a flatter head, this sail gives you the power to soar through the lulls, while also offering the utmost control in puffs.

INCLUDES: Battens, vision windows, roll bag, royalties, telltales, tackline.

Snipe Mainsail X-1

Ideally suited for normal-to-lighter weight Snipe teams, the new X-1 Radial offers a versatile, flatter, and smoother design that will deliver results on the racecourse. Because the flatter shape is more responsive to input from the aft puller and outhaul, the sail finds more power in lighter wind ranges. In medium-to-strong breeze, the sail flattens out and twists more easily. The X-1 is constructed of premium Dimension-Polyant cloth for durability and sail shape retention.

INCLUDES: Battens, vision windows, roll bag, royalties, telltales, and tackline.

This product may be ordered through your local rep or a class expert.

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Snipe Headsails

Snipe Jib PS-8

Quantum's PS-8 performs at a level above the rest. A cross cut, the sail is fast, smooth, and holds the perfect shape. Our cross cut jib is made with the same materials as our high-end radial, but crafted with an emphasis on simple, clean-cut lines. The PS-8 is our longest lasting headsail for the Snipe class and performs impeccably in shifty, flat water venues.

INCLUDES: Battens, vision windows, roll bag, royalties, telltales, tackline

Snipe Jib RSJ-8B

With multiple world championship wins under its belt, the versatile RSJ-8 B is the perfect headsail for any condition. Whether it be light and flat or windy and wavy, this sail consistently outperforms the competition. Built with premium quality Dimension Polyant fabric and a radial head and clew reinforcement, the RSJ-8 is both durable and reliable. The middle section of the sail is a cross cut for added shape retention and longevity. The RSJ-8 is the high-performance standard that will elevate your Snipe to the next level.

INCLUDES: Battens, vision windows, roll bag, royalties, telltales, tackline.

Snipe Accessories

Snipe Cover - Bottom

The perfect cover to keep your Snipe clean, protected, and lasting over the years.

Snipe Mainsail Battens

A replacement set of battens − just in case.

Snipe Jibsheet (Launcher)

A helpful tool for getting around the racecourse faster.

Snipe Mainsheet/Travler

Be fully and easily set up to go sailing from Day 1. These lines are cut perfectly to get the most out of the Quantum mainsail.

Snipe Cover - Mast

Mast Cover

Choose a Team Member

George Szabo

George grew up in San Diego racing Stars, Lasers and Snipes. As a kid, he made sails for his model boats before eventually taking a part-time job with Quantum during high school and college. He came on full-time in 1993 as a sailmaker and designer.

Using the latest computer design programs, George is able to create the fastest, most efficient sails for smaller One Design boats. This technology, combined with his intimate understanding of One Design sailing, allows him to create the most versatile sails available. The San Diego loft designs a variety of One Design sails, including Thistle and Lido 14, but their specialties are Olympic Class Star and Snipe boats.

George is the 2009 Star World Champion, as well as an 21-time National/North American Champion. In addition to his sail-making abilities and wins, he is also an accomplished keelboat tactician and trimmer.

Basic info
  • Nationality: USA
  • Position: Sail Consultant
  • Current Town: San Diego
Career highlights
  • 2011 Star North American Champion
  • 2010 Star North American Champion
  • 2009 Star World Champion
  • 2005 Star North American Champion
  • 2005 Snipe National Champion
  • 2001 Star North American Champion
  • 2000 Snipe North American Champion
  • 2000 Snipe National Champion
  • 1999 Snipe North American Champion
  • 1999 Snipe National Champion
  • 1998 Snipe North American Champion
  • 1998 Snipe National Champion
  • 1997 Snipe North American Champion
  • 1997 Snipe National Champion
Carter Cameron

Growing up in Charleston, South Carolina, Carter fell in love with sailboat racing at a young age. He sailed Optis and Club 420s but his favorite racing boat was the Lightning. He sailed for the College of Charleston where he was coached by legendary sailmaker Greg Fisher. Carter was a skipper and starting heavy crew at Charleston and was nominated for the Robert H. Hobbs Sportsman of the Year in 2019 for college sailing. It was during his time at the College of Charleston that Carter realized his passion for the art of sailmaking and the science behind sail design.

Carter graduated in 2019 and moved to Annapolis to work with Quantum Sails as a service sailmaker. He quickly integrated himself into the Mid-Atlantic one-design sailing scene, excelling in the Snipe and Lightning classes. Carter also has experience with Viper 640s, E Scows, and high school and collegiate dinghies.

After spending 2 years at the loft in Annapolis, Carter moved to Quantum Sails San Diego to be a One Design Sailmaker under Mark Reynolds and George Szabo. In San Diego, Carter focuses on the production, R&D, and sales of One Design Sails with the goal of providing the best sails to our clients.

Carter enjoys giving back to the sport. He's a member of the Under 30 Committee for the U.S. Snipe Class, and enjoys coaching clinics, running regattas, and leading webinars. Carter is ready to help you maximize your potential in One Design sailing and any of your sailing needs.

Basic info
  • Position: One Design Sail Consultant
Career highlights
  • 2013 Club 420 National Champion Skipper
  • College of Charleston Sailing Team Captain, 2018-19
  • 2017 and 2019 ICSA Co-ed Fleet Race National Champion Heavy Crew
  • 2017 and 2018 ICSA Team Race National Champion Heavy Crew
Date Regatta Result
Oct 30, 2022 2022 Nute Snipe Regatta 1, 2, 3, 6, 10
Aug 25, 2022 2022 Snipe World Championships 2, 4, 6
Aug 7, 2022 2022 US Women's Snipe Nationals 1, 2, 5, 8, 9, 10
Jul 15, 2022 2022 Junior U.S. National Championship 2
Apr 3, 2022 2022 Snipe Ron Payne Memorial Regatta 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Mar 20, 2022 2022 Snipe Earl Elms Memorial Regatta 2, 3, 4, 5, 8
Jan 3, 2022 2022 Miami Snipe Invite 2, 3, 4, 5*, 6*
Dec 19, 2021 2021 Snipe US Master Championship 1
Oct 3, 2021 Snipe Frigid Digit 1, 2*, 3*, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10
Mar 21, 2021 Earl Elms Memorial Regatta 1, 2, 4, 5
Nov 1, 2020 Carolyn Nute 1, 2, 4
Jan 26, 2020 2020 Snipe Brazilian Nationals 1,2,4,6,7,8,9,10
Jan 19, 2020 Las Vegas Regatta 1,3
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