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Melges 24

Top Corinthian, professional, and club teams are turning to Quantum for the fastest and most reliable sails to elevate their programs.

With improved performance and an updated design, the NEW for 2024 M3 Mainsail and AG1 Jib are already race-proven. Quantum's high-performing black VX skins are applied to our Fusion M racing sail structures designed with Quantum's state-of-the-art iQ Technology®. This generation of Melges 24 upwind sails are turning heads and delivering top results in class championships around the world.

These sails are lighter, stronger, and more durable with fiber in all the right places to give you repeatable shapes hoist after hoist. When paired with the fast, stable, and durable Quantum Melges asymmetrical spinnakers, you've got the winning combination.

Read on to learn more about our championship winning upwind and downwind inventories, or contact a class expert with your questions.

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Melges 24 Mainsails

Melges 24 Fusion M Main - M3

Quantum's latest all-purpose class main has been battle tested in the fall of 2023 and the winter of 2024. This new sail has won all the major events and incorporates our new fiber layout aligning the load paths from all three corners. The M3 sets up uniformly with the new AG1 jib to get you through the wide class wind ranges. The M3 has an updated leech profile and updated inboard batten ends to keep the sail very smooth and allow for max sheeting without closing down the upper leech.

Using premium Fusion M materials and iQ Technology®️, Quantum designers are able to create unprecedentedly fast, repeatable, and high-performing sails. Each sail delivers the performance you need from start to finish. Whether you're racing locally or in the Worlds, Quantum's Melges 24 experts are available to help with your upcoming campaign.

INCLUDES: Battens, bag, sail numbers, spreader window, vision window along the foot, class royalty, ISAF/IHC measurement sticker, and draft stripes.

Melges 24 Headsails

Melges 24 Fusion M Jib - AG1

Quantum's new design all-purpose Melges 24 AG1 jib works seamlessly with our all-purpose M3 mainsail to make a boat fly without compromising ease of handling or repeatability. Tested and updated on the water in the winter series with the top teams preparing for the upcoming Worlds. The new AG1 has a new updated fiber layout, deeper foot, flatter ¼ stripe, and smoothed out leech profile. The sail is very balanced vertically so you can adjust the jib lead and have the entire sail work in unison. This sail covers a wide wind range, and delivers a larger steering groove to help in challenging conditions. Using premium Fusion M materials and iQ Technology®️, our designers are able to create fast, durable, high-performing, and championship-winning sails.  

INCLUDES: Three vertical RBS battens, roll bag, vision window, class royalty, ISAF measurement sticker, and draft stripes.

Melges 24 Spinnakers

Melges 24 Z1 AP Runner Airx 650

Proven in the 2022 Melges World Championships, the Quantum Z1 AP Runner is an all-new, class-leading design. Perfect in 9 knots to 14 knots, this all-purpose downwind sail delivers the power you're looking for, yet, in flat water conditions, the range is wider, and it can be used across the 7-16 knot range. The Z1 is maximum-sized, class legal, and constructed of Airx 650 or Dynakote 75 for durability and great shape retention. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, be sure to ask Quantum Melges 24 experts about add-on graphic options.

INCLUDES: Sail bag, adjustable luff and leech lines, class royalty, and ISAF measurement sticker.

Melges 24 V4 Reacher Airx 650

The Quantum V4 is your go-to for bow-up and jib-out planning conditions. The V4 is optimized for the 0 knot to 8 knot TWS range as well as 15+ knot TWS. The V4's higher clew and straighter luff allow the sail to twist off so the boat unloads and sails faster at higher angles. Even in waves and chop when fully loaded, the new maximum-sized, class-legal design has improved helm feel for easier driving. Top teams from the 2022 World Championships showed how this sail handles and still maintains control in big breeze; it continues to dominate on the racecourse. Available in AirX 650 or Dynakote75 and in a variety of colors and patterns, be sure to ask Quantum Melges 24 experts about add-on graphic options.

INCLUDES: Sail bag, adjustable luff and leech lines, class royalty, and ISAF measurement sticker.

Choose a Team Member

Scott Nixon

Scott Nixon has been involved with racing his whole life. An All-American sailor at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Scott later coached many students to the All-American ranks at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. He has a wide range of racing experiences, including dinghies, One Design keelboats, inshore big boats, and offshore distance racing.

Scott joined Quantum Sails in 2000, and his experiences bring a unique skill-set to Quantum’s programs. Focusing primarily on One Design classes, he is directly involved in testing, design, and development of Quantum’s One Design sail programs, working directly with the design team to make sure Quantum® sails are at the front of the fleet.

Scott has sailed with Quantum customers to win championships at the world, Gold Cup, European, North American, and national levels. His hands-on approach includes active campaigns and racing in the following classes for Quantum: J/22, J/24, J/70, J/80, J/109, J/111, C&C 30, Farr 30, Farr 40, NYYC 42, Swan 45, Melges 20, Melges 24, and Melges 32.

Basic info
  • Nationality: USA
  • Position: Global Offshore One Design Director
  • Current Town: Annapolis
Maxim Logutenko

Maxim started working in the Quantum Russia office in 2010 after a lifetime of sailing experiences. He started sailing on Optimist boats when he was six years old and became a champion sailor. He is a two-time All-Japan Mini Hopper and Sea Hopper Junior Champion, two-time Quarter Ton class All-Russia Champion, and the 2008 Dragon European Champion. Maxim is also experienced on Cadet, 470, 49er and RC44 boats. When he's not sailing, Maxim also coaches, including the Russian Yngling class for the 2008 Olympics.

When Maxim decided to transition into selling sails, he chose Quantum because of its state-of-the-art design and development, as well as Quantum's reputation for quality. He is excited to work with new and repeat clients to help everyone find the fastest, most competitive sails.

Basic info
  • Position: Sail Consultant
Career highlights
  • 2021 Rolex Middle Sea Race, ORC 4, 2nd
  • 2003 Rolex Sydney Hobart, Sydney 38, 3rd
  • Rolex Fastnet Race Skipper
  • Several coastal regattas in Italy/France and Spain as a skipper
  • 2007-2008 – Russian Olympic Sailing Team Coach, Yngling class, 4th place
Carlo Fracassoli

Born and raised on Garda Lake, sailing has been Carlo Fracassoli’s favorite sport since childhood. It’s no surprise that he become a professional sailor in 2001. In 2003, he began collaborating in the development of racing and cruising sails for some of the industry’s best known sails brands. He designed sails for monotypes and had great results on the water.

In 2012, Carlo and Manlio Pozzoli opened their own sailmaking loft and affiliated with Quantum Sails as the Quantum Pro-Laghi S.N.C. loft. Since then, he has designed most of the sails sold by the Italian sales team. A One-Design specialist, Carlo designs many sails for Melges 20, 24, and 32 classes, Garda and European lakes monotypes, and ORC and IRC offshore boats.

An accomplished sailor, he won the Melges 24 World Championship in 2012, 2017 and 2019 and the European Championship in 2011 and 2018.

Basic info
  • Nationality: Italy
  • Position: Sail Designer

Italian, English

Harry Melges III

Harry Melges III

Harry Melges III has worked in the sail making and sailboat building businesses his entire life. Growing up in a family business that supplies high-performance sails and sailboats, Harry was constantly thinking of ways to push the boundaries. How can we sail a boat faster, make a sail faster, or build a boat better?

Melges' mission has been to encourage more people to participate in the sport we love by bringing forward products that make boats easier and more fun to sail and improving quality and value with every new addition to the Melges line-up.

From a young age Harry spent much of his time crawling around the sail loft, learning from the artisans of the 70s and 80s how to make sails the "old school" way, something that is somewhat lost in our computer world. Taking that experience and blending it with today's technology has produced some of the fastest sails in our one-design classes through the years.

Harry is thrilled to be joining Quantum Sails, a company with values similar to Melges, and fully committed to promoting and growing the great sport of sailing while delivering the highest quality products at the best value. "I'm excited to be working with an American company that always makes the customers' needs its number-one priority."

Basic info
  • Position: Sail Consultant
Career highlights
  • Developed One-Design Classes: M14, M15, M17, M20, M24, M32. Team member on the Melges IC37 class development
  • 4 World Championship victories: M24, M32 and 5.5 Meter
  • Over 75 North American, European, National, and Inland Championships in various classes: DN iceboat, Nite Iceboat, A skeeter iceboat, A stern steerer iceboat, X boat, M17, M20, M24, M32, A scow, E scow, C scow, MC scow, Soling, 5.5 Meter
  • 2019 Inland Lake Yachting Association Hall of Fame inductee
Date Regatta Result
Jun 2, 2024 2024 Helly Hansen Sailing World Regatta 1
Jun 2, 2024 2024 Southern Bay Race Week 1, 3
May 3, 2024 TROGIR CRO MELGES24 CUP 2024 1, 3, 4, 8, 10
Apr 28, 2024 2024 Spring cup 1
Apr 21, 2024 2024 Charleston Race Week 2
Apr 21, 2024 2024 Melges 24 European Sailing Series #1 Event in Trieste 1
Apr 7, 2024 2024 Melges 24 Inland Championships 1, 2
Mar 10, 2024 2024 Bacardi Cup Invitational Regatta 1, 2, 3, 10
Jan 1, 2024 2024 Bacardi Invitational Winter Series - Event 2 1, 3
Oct 29, 2023 Split CRO Melges 24 Cup 2023 1, 3
Oct 8, 2023 2023 Melges 24 US National Championship 1, 2, 3, 4, 7
Sep 17, 2023 Danish Melges 24 Championships 2023 1, 2, 5
May 21, 2023 2023 Midwest Spring Championships 1, 3
May 7, 2023 Trogir Croatia Melges 24 Cup 2023 2, 3
Mar 26, 2023 Melges 24 Southeast Inland Championship 2023 1, 5*, 6*
Mar 12, 2023 2023 Biograd Croatia Melges 24 Cup 1*, 5, 7*, 8, 9
Mar 12, 2023 2023 Bacardi Cup Invitational 3, 4, 9
Feb 19, 2023 2023 Helly Hansen Sailing World Regatta Series - St. Pete 1
Jan 29, 2023 2023 Bacardi Winter Series Invitational Event #2 3
Dec 18, 2022 2022 Bacardi Invitational Winter Series Event #1 2, 6
Nov 27, 2022 2022 Melges 24 Croatian Championship 1*, 2, 3*, 9
Nov 13, 2022 2022 Melges 24 National Championship 1, 3, 6, 7, 8
Oct 30, 2022 Melges 24 European Championship 2022 1*, 2, 9
Sep 25, 2022 2022 Italian Nationals 1
Sep 18, 2022 2022 Melges 24 Canadian National Championship 1
Aug 21, 2022 Melges 24 Danish Championship 2022 1, 2
Aug 21, 2022 2022 Melges 24 Grand Traverse Invitational 1*, 2, 3, 5*, 7, 8
Aug 15, 2022 2022 8m, 11m, and Melges 24 Hungarian National Championships 1
Aug 14, 2022 2022 Melges 24 Danish Nationals 1, 2, 5
Jun 12, 2022 2022 Szép Balaton Kereked One Design Cup 2*
May 15, 2022 2022 Melges 24 Worlds 1st*, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th
Apr 3, 2022 2022 Melges 24 European Sailing Series & CRO Melges CUP 4 1*, 2, 8
Mar 20, 2022 Opatija CRO Melges24 Cup 3, 6, 7, 9
Mar 12, 2022 2021-2022 Bacardi Winter Series Overall 1*, 3, 6, 7, 8
Mar 12, 2022 2022 Bacardi Cup Invitational Regatta 1, 2, 4, 7*, 9, 10
Feb 20, 2022 2022 Helly Hansen Sailing World Regatta Series - St. Pete 1
Feb 20, 2022 CRO Melges 24 Cup 2022 - Event #2 - Biograd 3, 4, 10
Jan 30, 2022 2022 Bacardi Winter Series Event #2 1*, 4, 5, 8, 9*
Nov 14, 2021 2021 Melges 24 Bushwacker Cup 1, 9
Nov 14, 2021 2021 Melges 24 US National Ranking Series 1, 4, 5, 6, 7
Oct 10, 2021 Melges 24 Danish National Championship 1, 2, 5
Oct 3, 2021 2021 Quantum Melges 24 Great Lakes Cup 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10
Sep 19, 2021 US National Championship 2021 1, 2, 4, 5, 9, 10
Sep 19, 2021 Melges 24 US National Championship Corinthian Division 2, 3, 7, 10
Aug 22, 2021 Melges 24 Grand Traverse Invitational 2, 3, 6, 8
Aug 15, 2021 Hungarian Open Nationals 2021 2
Aug 15, 2021 GTYC Hound Dog 2, 6, 7*