Quantum Sails stays on the cutting edge of sail development for the Buccaneer class. We introduced a laminate jib that was not only lightweight and low-stretch, but also durable. We designed the first set of Aramid sails to be tested on the Buccaneer and introduced silicone coated spinnaker cloth specifically for use with the Buccaneer’s bow launch system. We have further refined the line of Technora sails to be the highest performance sails available.

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Buccaneer Mainsails

Buccaneer Dacron AP Class Main

Affordable, durable, and easy to tune and trim, this is our best selling mainsail. The mainsail comes standard with a roll bag, tapered RBS battens, vision window, insignia, numbers, leech telltales, and Cunningham. Draft stripes available upon request. Price includes class royalty. 

Buccaneer Technora Black Race Main

The latest refinement in our Technora mainsail, it is lower stretch and holds shape better than the Dacron® main. The mainsail comes standard with a roll bag, tapered RBS battens, vision window,insignia, numbers, leech telltales, draft stripes and Cunningham. Price includes class royalty.

Buccaneer Headsails

Buccaneer Technora Black Race Jib

This jib tested so much better than our Dacron® and Pentex® versions in terms of durability, shape-holding, and low-stretch characteristics that it’s now the only one we offer. The jib comes standard with a vision window, telltales, draft stripes and adjustable luff (cloth) tension. Price includes class royalty.

Buccaneer Spinnakers

Buccaneer AIRX Spinnaker

AIRX Spinnaker. Price includes class royalty.

Buccaneer Class Spinnaker

The class spinnaker is made from a durable nylon, with an all-purpose shape. Available for online purchase in one color: natural. Includes one takedown patch and class royalty.

Buccaneer Accessories

Buccaneer Batten Set

Tapered RBS battens

This product may be ordered through your local rep or a class expert.

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A lifelong sailor, Clarke McKinney began his sailmaking and canvas career in 1979. His extensive sailing experience includes both inshore and offshore racing on a variety of yachts and at locations around the globe. He’s sailed on everything from one design and cruising boats to IRC, ORR, and PHRF rated boats to classic yachts. Having raced in the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Mediterranean seas, as well as the Great Lakes, and cruised the Chesapeake and beyond, he is exceptionally well-suited to meet your needs.

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