Tell Tales: True Stories by Everyday Sailors

A short podcast series featuring true stories by everyday sailors. A collection of your stories to make us laugh, gasp, smile and be inspired. They're the stories that connect us and make us sailors. The stories that keep us raising the sails for more.


Tell Tales - Live from Annapolis: It Pays to Pay Attention

March 8, 2017

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The Annapolis Boat Show was a wealth of fantastic stories. Here is the first selection of stories for your enjoyment.
  • Rooster Tail (Cathy McGuire)
  • May Day (Chris Charbonneu)
  • Good with the Bad (Geoff Hamby)
  • Eyes Over Charts (Grant Headifen)
  • Distractions (George Kershock)
  • You can drive there? (Jan Dresher)
  • Pay Attention (Anonymous)
  • Color Radar Recommended (Kate Thorpp)
Tell Tales - Live from Newport: Laughs from the High Seas

December 22, 2016

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In the final installment of our Live from Newport edition of Tell Tales, we've got some fun stories from meeting a former president to taking an unexpected (albeit hilarious) dive after some Euro coins.

  • All in a Day's Swim (Margaret Swanson)
  • PB&J (Laura Beigel)
  • What's in a Course? (Lowell Thomas)
  • Just Keep Sailing (Evan Gregory)
  • The Anchor Tango (Anonymous)
  • Sacrifice to Neptune (Seth Cooley)
  • Getting your Feet Wet (Bill McDaniel)
Tell Tales - Live from Newport: Adventures on the High Seas

November 18, 2016

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The Quantum team continues collecting fantastic stories at the 2016 Newport Boat Show. This episode focuses on stories of adventures on the high seas – whether or not the sailors were looking for the excitement!
  • Charged (Tim Fitzgerald)
  • Broached (Brendan Scanlin)
  • Understaffed (Ryan Collins)
  • Frozen Sheets (Mark Pillsbury)
  • Local Hero (Cory Deere)
  • Don’t Mess With the US (Hank Young)
  • How Far We’ve Come (Hank Young)
  • Stowaway (Andy Tyska)
Tell Tales - Live From Newport: Learning to Sail

October 27, 2016

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In the first episode of our new series, the Quantum team hit the docks at the 2016 Newport Boat show. The debut episode focuses on fun stories of people's early experiences with sailing and how they made it through. 

  • Save the motor! (Alison Hyte)
  • Fog as thick as pea soup (Chad and Eileen Rider)
  • Sometimes you learn the wrong way (Dave LeBlanc)
  • Full moon (Patrick Aylward)
  • Misson: Make him smile (Brenton Lochridge)

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