Quantum Sails Dominate J/120 Fleet and Take Several Top Honors at Bayview One Design Regatta

Quantum Sails' T.J. Craig raced on the J/120 J Hawker at the 2016 Bayview One Design Regatta in Detroit, Michigan. He recaps the stand-out performance of Quantum-powered boats in the J/120 fleet, who took the entire podium.

J Hawker competes at the Bayview One Design Regatta. Photo by Martin Chumiecki.

The 12-boat J/120 fleet sailed nine races over three days in conditions from 5-17 knots of breeze at the Bayview One Design Regatta, June 3-5. It was a great event for Quantum-powered teams, who swept the podium in that division.

Day one was light and shifty. Quantum’s Nick Turney and Rick Rothenbuhler were both on Viva la Vida, and they took the day with a 1/1/4 finish to jump out to an early lead. They had fantastic boat speed and sailed in phase very well to make the most of the tactically difficult wind conditions. At the end of the day, they were in first, with Funtech and J Hawker in second and third respectively.

Day two brought light-to-medium conditions that were more consistent. The breeze clocked consistently left before settling back to the right later in the day. In the first race, Funtech, J Hawker, and Vida went 1/2/3. Throughout the rest of the day, things got a little more exciting: two collisions on the course, one hit mark with penalty turns, and a couple spinnaker issues later, the day ended with Funtech in first, J Hawker five points back, and Vida another six points behind.

The last day brought the breeze and weather along with it. Craig recaps the final day: "On the way out to the course, our crew talked about cleans starts, sailing conservatively, and good maneuvers. We decided we would start aggressively and let our competition make mistakes. Our strategy paid off, as Funtech was over early for both races on the day, while J Hawker went 1/2 for the class win! Vida had a steady third day to hang on for third in a very talented and competitive fleet."

The Quantum-Powered Podium - The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers pose after the Bayview One Design Regatta. Photo by Mikey Garza.

Quantum-powered teams swept the podium taking all three top spots and winning eight of nine races. This created a lot of buzz on the docks Sunday.

Overall, the Quantum presence in Detroit is alive and strong! The regatta was well-run, and the Bayview Yacht Club provided fantastic hospitality. Congratulations to everyone on a terrific event!

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