Awesome Soto 40 Racing at the 2015 Copa del Rey

Soto 40 class champion, Noticia, rounds a mark at the 2015 Copa del Rey.

Sailing with a full set of Quantum sails, Noticia IV managed a 3-point victory over Glen Ellen at Copa del Rey last weekend, take the top two spots in a strong, 6-boat fleet.

Quantum’s Adrien de Belloy raced on Glen Ellen, using Quantum’s J1.5 and mainsail. He said the switch to Quantum sails was obvious. “With the old kites on board, we struggled for speed downwind, but [with the Quantum sails] we were the quickest upwind, to the point of nobody willing to start to windward of us.”

Quantum’s Soto 40 sails have taken charge this season, keeping Noticia IV and Glen Ellen in front of the fleet. “Over the past three regattas, Glen Ellen won the first event and finished second at the others, swapping with Noticia IV. Quantum® sails are proving fast in any sailing venue.”

Congratulations to both teams!

Full results from Copa del Rey

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