Don Bergman

December 12, 2017 “We race a S2 7.9. In extremely light air it seems as though wind stalls trying to get through the 155 genoa. Is it possible we would go faster switching down to the 105 jib?”

David Flynn

December 18, 2017 Quantum Expert Answer

I would recommend you stay with the 155 genoa; you need the horsepower. To help, make sure you don’t over trim the genoa. Start well eased to get the boat going before trying to sheet on and always err on the side of speed. For mainsail flow keep the sheet well eased and pull the traveler all the way up to weather. Make sure there is no vang pulling down on the boom. Keep in mind it will be difficult to get the top telltale to flow in very light conditions. Without a solid vang even the weight of the boom will be enough to close down the leech of the mainsail.

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