James Suggitt

December 22, 2017 “Dufour performance 36 use of barber haulers on the jib to close the slot? If we are backing the luff in the mainsail have we got too much barber hauler on or is it ok to set sails in this fashion? I think we should be better with eased barber hauler and balance mainsail trim with foresail trim. Both sails pulling their weight in balance, not over trimmed foresail and semi redundant mainsail. I'd appreciate your expert thoughts, please!”

David Flynn

December 22, 2017 Quantum Expert Answer

You are correct, balance is the key. The jib trim and mainsail trim should mimic each other. In light to moderate conditions (particularly in smooth water) where the mainsail can be sheeted hard and kept on centerline you can inhale the jib sheet. Just remember the golden rule, speed first, then try to point. If you are not going well through the water the keel will not work so you need to start eased then gradually inhaul the jib to help pointing. When it gets windier and the mainsail is being eased (or traveler dropped) to depower and keep the boat on its feet, the jib inhauler should be eased to let the lead outboard. If the mainsail is luffing constantly to keep the boat flat then the jib inhaul should be eased out.

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