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February 1, 2016 “I have 160 kg (353 lbs.) of crew weight on my Star, what can I do?”

Mark Reynolds

December 8, 2015 Quantum Expert Answer

160 kg is a bit light so you may want to make a few small adjustments to the setup of the rig. The upper shrouds should make no difference regarding weight but the lowers and intermediates can be a little tighter to give a little more bend sideways in strong wind. On the intermediates I would try 2 to 4 mm tighter than the normal 75 mm. On the lowers you have to look at the mast on the water but I would say make your intermediates tighter then tighten the lowers some to keep an even side bend. The best thing you can do is take photos from right behind the boat and look at the bend in the photos. In under 10 the mast should be straight and in stronger wind there should be some bend sideways to help depower. Be sure that your outhaul is all the way tight in overpowering conditions. When you think it’s tight look to see if it is right out to the band. Make sure the purchase is correct so it is easy to pull in strong wind going upwind. The other most critical thing in strong winds especially for light crew weight is the backstays.

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