February 1, 2016 “Can you give me some ideas for light air lake setup for my Star?”

Mark Reynolds

December 8, 2015 Quantum Expert Answer

I discussed with Joe (our resident lake sailor) about some ideas for light air and we think the key is setting up to make the boat as forgiving and as automatic as possible. Being able to keep the boat going without having to make a lot of changes constantly and keep the head out of the boat. The feedback I get from our customers is that our sails are better than the other’s in this respect.

Anyway some setup ideas are:

• More spreader sweep- standard is 5", Joe thinks a bit more might be good for the flat water

• Less upper shroud tension- Allow the mast to bend a bit more to blade out main and balance boat better

• A bit of mast lever in light stuff- to flatten and open lower leech

• Tight outhaul- keep sail flat

• Jib leads up a bit- with main bladed out in flat water

• Most important play that mainsheet!

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