Wayne King

August 26, 2016 “I have a chance to purchase a 12 to 14 year old Quantum Cuben Fiber Mainsail that is in good condition for club racing. What should I be aware of if I decide to make this purchase ($1500.00)?”

David Flynn

September 1, 2016 Quantum Expert Answer

Cuban Fiber is a great material. Incredibly strong and durable. The only issue with a sail of this age may be shrinkage, particularly around the inboard ends of the batten pockets. Also, normal effects of UV on corner webbings and attachment points. The bigger issue is fit. Mainsails are very fit specific to boat and mast bend characteristics. Is this mainsail made for the same boat and mast? No matter what, I would bring the sail in to one of our service centers to have them take and look and certify the condition.


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