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February 1, 2016 “I have a hot cut leech on my Quantum Star main I bought used. How do these hold up?”

Mark Reynolds

December 8, 2015 Quantum Expert Answer

The main you have is the Z-3H and it's the main that most of the boats in the '96 Olympics used for a light air main including Torben. The main that Torben used in the Olympics was the same sail I used in the 1992 Olympics that he bought from me. He had used it quite a bit in between including some races in the 1992 worlds in SF, 1993 in Kiel and 1994 in San Diego.  The hot cut leech is really not a problem in strong wind unless is gets very strong like in a thunderstorm like we had often in Savannah. Colin Beashel measured 2 Z-3H mains with one having the folded leech. If you don't expect winds over 25 knots I think the hot cut leech is just fine. The hot cut leech really holds up good but you must be a bit more careful with it not to get any small rips in it.  You should check it over from time to time. It flutters a bit more in strong wind but not like a standard main with the leech cord off. This is because of the lighter weight you don't get the shaking. We now use a very light spectra leech cord in our standard main to reduce the weight but you still have the extra folded cloth.

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