February 1, 2016 “What, and in which sequence do you do to depower Star sails? Our sequence is outhaul -> cunningham -> upper backstay -> rake -> mainsheet, always adapting jib and mainsheet. But as soon as we have to use rake and backstay, we loose approx. 5 degrees in pointing.”

Mark Reynolds

December 8, 2015 Quantum Expert Answer

I do about the same but don't change the rake. I leave the rake the same in all conditions. The upper backstay is a bit tricky because it seams to work different in different conditions. As you might know I have my uppers with a bit more purchase than others and I pull on in the puffs and let off in the lulls in strong wind. I think in flatter water more upper can be used. The lower must also be right. If the lower is too loose when the upper is trimmed on the main washes out too much. Some masts require more lower than others, I guess it depends on the stiffness. I know the mast on my new boat is softer than my old boat and I much pull very hard on the lower backstay. I learned in the 92 worlds in San Francisco that I was not pulling the outhaul enough in strong wind, needs to go all the way to band. A lot of adjusting of the mainsheet to find the right place.

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