February 23, 2016 “Our boat is a Star, Lillia 7187. The backstays go pretty far back.”

Mark Reynolds

October 20, 2015 Quantum Expert Answer

I think the backstays on your boat are a bit further back. Just keep an eye on the main and if the leeward backstay is cutting in you will have to let it off then pull back on before tacking again. Probably only in lighter winds.

Backstay settings:
What kind of backstay settings are used in different conditions, e.g., how should the upper and lower be set, differently, and amount, in say, very light air, as opposed to heavy, and upwind as opposed to downwind.

Upwind Lower — With the crew in the cockpit, no tension. With the crew on the deck, just a little tension. When the crew drops over pull more. When overpowered, you may have to ease slightly. Too much lower will make a bubble at the mast which will backwind. You will feel the helm increase as the lower is pulled on. The key is to have the boat feel good and watch the boats around you to check your speed. Generally more lower will keep the crew over the side in marginal conditions and help pointing.

Upper — The upper should be just snug. As you get overpowered then start to pull on the upper.

Let the upper and lower all the way off so the tip of the mast is raked forward.

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