The New 2021 Quantum J/70 Sail Lineup

Over the past year, Quantum's J/70 team members used their "quarantine time" to refine sail designs and tuning guides to help you sail faster. We’re dedicated to ongoing development and to delivering the best sails, service, resources, and expertise. Check out our new J/70 sail lineup and we look forward to helping you improve your performance on the water.

Get that feeling - SAILING RACING TEAM sailed their new J/70 inventory to the podium at Act 1 of the 2021 Monaco Winter Series.

Quantum's new J/70 designs, were brought to life by a team of top J/70 and one-design talent, including designers, sail consultants, production specialists, and sailors from all over the world. The results are what you would expect from such a cohort, a top product that will help elevate the performance of any J/70 sailor. And, like all Quantum sails, they come with access to support and help from experts that made them.


The CM1 mainsail is an all-new design. It is controlled heavily by mast bend to let it be as full or flat as you need. The biggest difference between older designs and the CM1 is that the overall shape of the sail is flatter with a better twist profile, which allows for a wide groove when sailing in all conditions. This new design uses Dimension Polyant 240B sailcloth, to give you the best materials to compliment sail shape. 

J/70 JIB CF-2 

When building our new jib, the CF2, Carlo Fracassoli studied every aspect of the J/70 and spoke with teams to understand what they wanted out of a jib. The CF2 features a powerful foot that adjusts to be as flat or as full as the conditions require and a higher clew that allows for better weather-sheeting. We’ve also designed this sail with a more forgiving luff entry so you can sail to the inside of the jib while still keeping flow over the sail.


The F6 spinnaker was designed by Fernando Sallent and tested thoroughly by the Quantum team. This sail enables you to soak in displacement mode without sacrificing speed when you need the extra punch to sail hotter angles. The F6 spinnaker is available in either AIRX 650 or Dynakote 75 fabrics to suit your specific sailing needs.  Quantum has long been a leader in asymmetrical spinnakers, and this sail is no exception.

Tuning Guide

Design, sailing, testing, and racing with these new sails has led to an evolution in our J/70 Tuning Guide and Quick Tune Chart. One major development from on-the-water experience and recent podium finishes in a variety of conditions is that we’ve dialed in the forestay rake measurement to 58 inches and updated our tuning charts.  If you haven’t already, now is a great time to download the most current version of the Quantum J/70 Tuning Guide and set yourself up for success. Tuning is as much a science as an art, and while our guides should help, don’t be afraid to try new settings and tweak our suggestions for your particular sailing style or conditions. Share with us what works best for you. 

Download the J/70 Tuning Guide and Quick Tune Chart.

We’re excited to share these new sails and developments with you. Please reach out to anyone on the team with any questions you have regarding the new J/70 sails or tuning. As the winter season winds down and the world becomes a little safer, we look forward to seeing you at spring and summer events.

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Travis Odenbach, Quantum Class Coordinator - R&D/Sales, Rochester
Adrien De Belloy, R&D/Sales, France
Kris Werner, R&D/Sales, Rochester
Scott Nixon, R&D/Sales, Annapolis
Victor Marino, R&D/Sales, Spain
George Szabo, Production, San Diego
Mark Reynolds, Production, San Diego
Carlo Fracassoli, Design, Italy
Fernando Sallent, Design, Spain

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