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Wally Cross is based in Detroit, MI where he is a sail consultant for Quantum Sails. Wally is also available by appointment for individual consultations and other services in the Great Lakes Region including:

  • New sails
  • Sail pick-up and drop-off
  • On-board sail evaluations & consultations
  • Regatta support
  • Sail service arrangements
  • Sailing education

Wally started building sails in 1973 to pay for college, and over the years has had the opportunity to work with seven different sail making companies before joining Quantum.

During his years in the sailing business, Wally has raced many types of small boats, as well as sailing the Flying Dutchman in the 1980 Olympic Trials. He was involved with the winning boats in many national championships before shifting his focus to offshore one design boats. He's participated in six Canada Cups, 25 Key West racing events, over 40 Mackinac races, and hundreds of traveling regattas. Today, Wally spends his time racing a variety of boats, including large offshore boats, the Melges 20, Melges 24, and Melges 32 classes, and local offshore one designs, like the J/111 and Beneteau 36.7.

Wally enjoys mixing his sail making knowledge with all the other pieces of sailing, such as rig, trim, and sail settings, to not only make the boats sail faster, but to help people get the most enjoyment from their boats.

Career highlights
• Raced 470 and Fireball in late 60's. North American Champ
• Thistle Midwinter champ with 115 boat fleet in 1975
• 2nd Olympic Trials for 1980 Olympics
• J/24 North American Champ as crew with Larry Klein 1982
• Raced Farr 40 class for 15 years, North American Champ on Heartbreaker 2002
• Sailed over 80 Mackinac Races
• Sailed five Bermuda Races
• Sailed three Pinnacle Cup races to Jamaica
• Mediterranean Baltic 45 Race Series (2008-2011)
• Sailed three Transpac races on Bretwalda (2013, 2017,2019)
• Sailed three Cabo races on Bretwalda (2013, 2017,2019)
• Sailed two Puerto Vallarta races on Bretwalda (2014, 2018)
• Won two North American Championships on J/111 ( 2014, 2015)
• Sailed 100,000 Ocean Miles
• Sailing Director at Grosse Pointe Yacht Club (2014)
• Sailmaker since 1973
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