System Sailing 2.1 - Sailing With Numbers

May 8, 2020

Everything about sailing can be viewed with numbers. All the numbers we discuss in System Sailing are filed in the left side of the brain. Once this data is applied and we use the right side of the brain, the learning process is completed. The goal with System Sailing is to improve your system with every race.

However, before you can put the sailing-with-numbers approach to work on the water, you need to learn and create the framework to put all that data to use. Section 1 helped you take an organized and systematic approach to your boat, team, plans, and goals. Section 2 will look at gathering numbers to start educating your system. The core components are mark, measure, record, evaluate, and communicate.

Use the playbook and videos to begin collecting the data necessary to elevate your program. Never hesitate to reach out to me with any questions.

Section 2.1 serves as a bit of an overview of what is to come in the next few episodes of System Sailing. We will touch on many topics here and dive deeper into each in an upcoming episode. The important thing to remember is that within each of these subjects, numbers are not an option. Keeping track of what works and what doesn’t will help you improve tremendously.


  • Type
  • Range
  • Shape
  • Sail settings

Rig settings

  • Squaring the rig 
  • Starting your own tuning guide and building upon it


  • Which numbers are necessary
  • How to use different instruments to improve your sailing 
    • Buoy VMG
    • Offshore VMC
    • Starting
    • Trim
    • Heel


  • How to use VMG around the buoys
  • Testing and setting targets in different conditions


  • How to use polars with VMC offshore
  • Fastest course to a radius
  • VPP (performance of boat)

Boat Handling & Communication

  • Communication through manuevers
  • Conditions
  • Critical information
  • Pre-race briefings and post race debriefings

We're excited to bring you this next section of System Sailing. If you would like to access previous episodes, click here. If you have any questions, please contact Wally Cross.

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The Discussion