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About Quantum Sails Tortola

It’s one thing to make exceptional sails, but at Quantum Sails Tortola we go even further by making your challenges our own. With superior and personalized customer service, our sail consultants are with you every step of the way as loyal advisers, friends, and fellow sailors.

In our Service Department, we provide a full range of professional sail care and repair services for sails and canvas – from simple repairs to precise sail re-cuts. The first step for any project is an understanding of your needs and an evaluation in order to provide you with an accurate, up-front estimate of time and cost.

Services Include

  • New sails
  • Sail service/repair
  • Sail hardware
  • New canvas
  • Canvas repair
  • Batten stock
  • End of season sail inspection
  • Storage
  • Support

Meet Your Quantum Team

At Quantum, we’re connected to sailors everywhere by our love of sailing and the belief that facing a challenge head on is infinitely rewarding. With a desire to serve and problem-solving approach, our local team is dedicated to being a trusted resource for all your sailing needs. We look forward to earning your business.

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Kevin Wrigley

Kevin Wrigley grew up in Simcoe, Ontario. His family did a lot of camping, and one day when they were camped on Lake Huron, Kevin and his family saw about 50 little sailboats chasing each other around inflatable marks. His mom and dad thought that perhaps they could get a boat and incorporate it into their camping trips. This led to a C&C 25 and later a CS 33. Most of Kevin's early sailing was out of Port Dover in Ontario. Kevin started racing on a C&C 33 at 14 years old on Lake Erie. He loved the sport so much he made a deal with his dad to split the cost of a Laser. Kevin worked in the tobacco industry and made enough money in one summer to buy his Laser. He sailed almost every day during summer.

Kevin attended college in Toronto, enrolled in a program called Small Craft and Marina Technology. He then worked at a sailing school in downtown Toronto. This job got Kevin to the BVIs via a delivery on a Hunter 37 when he was 22 years old. He delivered the boat back to Canada and then went back to the BVIs for two seasons. Kevin fell in love with the islands and moved there in 1991. He worked in the charter industry for many years, but then changed course and became a bartender at the famous Willy T bar. This job allowed Kevin the time off needed to race the Caribbean Circuit for a number of years.

Kevin's best sailing years were spent on a Nelson Marek 45, practicing every day after work until the sun went down. He and his crew placed in the top three in several different regattas in Puerto Rico, St Thomas, and the BVIs that year. In 2005, Kevin sailed on his friend's Melges 32 as the jib and kite trimmer, and they won the prestigious Rolex St Thomas regatta.

Kevin became acquainted with Quantum Sails through Doug Stewart, who had opened Quantum Sails Tortola in 2003. Doug asked Kevin to manage the loft and sell sails. Kevin jumped at the opportunity and went to Annapolis to learn about the different fabrics and materials. In 2023, the loft turned 20 and is still going strong even after losing everything to Hurricane Irma.

"What I love most about working with Quantum is the constant change in technology, the people I work with, and the people I meet every day. No day is the same in the sailing world!"

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  • Position: Loft Manager

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