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It’s one thing to make exceptional sails, but at Quantum Sails Thailand we go even further by making your challenges our own. With superior and personalized customer service, our sail consultants are with you every step of the way as loyal advisers, friends, and fellow sailors.

In our Service Department, we provide a full range of professional sail care and repair services for sails and canvas – from simple repairs to precise sail re-cuts. The first step for any project is an understanding of your needs and an evaluation in order to provide you with an accurate, up-front estimate of time and cost.

Services Include

  • New sails
  • Sail service/repair
  • Support

Meet Your Quantum Team

At Quantum, we’re connected to sailors everywhere by our love of sailing and the belief that facing a challenge head on is infinitely rewarding. With a desire to serve and problem-solving approach, our local team is dedicated to being a trusted resource for all your sailing needs. We look forward to earning your business.

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Scott Duncanson

Scott Duncanson grew up in Adelaide, South Australia, but relocated to Thailand in the early 1990s. As is the case with many South Australians, he learned to sail in a Holdfast Trainer, a dinghy similar to a Sabot but with a jib and a two-person crew. From Holdfast Trainers, Scott progressed quickly from International Cadets, 125s, and Fireballs to the larger Junior Offshore Group (JOG). A shipwright by trade, Scott co-designed and built his first JOG class racing yacht in his early 20s and raced for a win in an international and national regatta in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. Building boats led to a passion for sports boat sailing, which he still enjoys today. Scott completed his secondary education in Adelaide and spent four years at a technical college to become a shipwright.

Thailand has a large fleet of Beneteau, Platu 25 One-Designs, so Scott has spent nearly two decades racing this competitive class, which has attracted some of the world's best sailors to various international events. The premiere Thai regatta is the royal-affiliated Coronation Cup, which Scott has won six times. In 2004/2005, in conjunction with a local builder, Scott developed and built six eight-meter sports boats that became the Phuket Sport 8. He owned and successfully campaigned one of these boats for five years. More recently, Scott has been sailing a number of high-performance multihulls, and for something completely out of left field, he just began training for the 2023/2024 ILCA Masters World Championships in Adelaide, Australia. 

Scott's relationship with Quantum began with David Eickmeyer, who co-designed the rig and sails for the Duncanson-designed Phuket Sport 8s with Scott in 2004. The collaboration continued with the then Malaysian-based Scott Venes. They co-developed sails for Farr Platu 25s and the local Firefly 850 Catamaran Class. Over many years, he has developed an eye for hull and foil design, as many of its principles apply to sails. Scott became a sail consultant at Quantum in 2005 and has never looked back, "I enjoy continuing my relationship with the world’s best sailmaker and helping customers develop and enjoy the same passion for sailing as I do."

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  • Position: Sail Consultant

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