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D-78351 Bodman-Ludwigshafen
Immenstaad am Bodensee, 88090


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About Quantum Sails Bodensee

The Quantum Sails Bodensee team arises from the strategic collaboration between Jorge Ferrero from Quantum Sails Baden-Württemberg and esteemed sail consultant Bernd Tausenfreund. We are dedicated to serving sailors in the Lake Constance region offering a diverse range of products tailored to their needs, whether it's for one design, regatta, or any type of cruising.

With extensive experience as a sailmaker and boat crew, Jorge Ferrero, has stepped into the team, ensuring a high level of expertise and service. Feel free to reach out to us today; we are delighted to assist you!

Our Service Loft is located in Edingen-Neckarhausen, Baden-Württemberg. Here, we seamlessly meld traditional craftsmanship with technical innovation, ensuring our products not only meet but surpass the expectations of our customers.

Discover Quantum Sails Bodensee and numerous other locations across Germany. For more information about Quantum Sails Germany and our various locations, visit!

Services Include

  • Sail Repair
  • Boat Canvas
  • Sail Wash and Canvas Cleaning
  • Running and Standing Rigging
  • Rig Maintenance and Repair
  • Furling Gear

Meet Your Quantum Team

At Quantum, we’re connected to sailors everywhere by our love of sailing and the belief that facing a challenge head on is infinitely rewarding. With a desire to serve and problem-solving approach, our local team is dedicated to being a trusted resource for all your sailing needs. We look forward to earning your business.

Choose a Team Member

Bernd Tausendfreund

Basic info
  • Nationality: Germany
Jorge Ferrero

Jorge Ferrero grew up in Buenos Aires in a family that was passionate about sailing. It was from his family that Ferrero learned the craft of sailmaking. He began his career with the American company Hood Sailmakers in Argentina, serving as loft manager for over 20 years. In 2013, Ferrero moved to Germany and founded Sailing Solutions, a production and service facility for the European market.

In 2020, Sailing Solutions became a Quantum Sails-affiliated loft (now known as Quantum Sails Baden-Wurttemberg), specializing in the design, manufacture, and repair of sails. Ferrero’s sail expertise is demonstrated in the many workshops he offers sailors on sailmaking and sail features and in his customers' sails that are regularly tested and optimized at numerous national and international regattas.

Ferrero is an active racer, at home as skipper, helmsman, or sail trimmer in regattas throughout South America and Europe. Racing highlights include multiple Fasnet and Buenos Aires-to-Rio de Janeiro races, ORC Worlds, Farr 30 Worlds, Voiles Saint Tropez, and Rolex Classic Week.

"Quantum Sails Baden-Wurttemberg offers custom solutions to our clients," says Ferrero. "Whether racing or cruising, we understand our customers' needs and are able to support them with the best solution for their sails, equipment, and refits."

Basic info
  • Position: Sail Consultant - Designer - Owner
Career highlights
  • 2021 Rundt Bornholm, TP52 Imagine, Line Honors, 2nd place ORC, 1st Yardstick
  • 2021 ORC Worlds Tallinn, TP52 Imagine, 5th
  • 2020 Buenos Aires-to-Rio de Janeiro Regatta (1200 Nm), 4th ORC
  • 2020 Blue Ribbon Cup, TP52 Imagine
  • 2019 Skipper 82' M-Class, San Francisco
  • 2019 Rundt Gotland, X-41 Imagine
  • 2018 Voiles Saint Tropez, France, 2nd, Folly
  • 2018 Andros Intl Race, Greece, 2nd, Aralus
  • 2017 Rund Bornholm, Denmark, 1st, X-41 Imagine Sailing Team
  • 2017 Rolex Fasnet Race, Great Britain, X-41 Imagine Sailing Team
  • 2017 ORC Deutsche Meisterschaft, 6th, X-41 Imagine Sailing Team
  • 2016 Rund Skagen, Netherlands to Denmark, 2nd, X-41 Imagine Sailing Team
  • 2016 Rund Sjaelland, Denmark, 1st, X-41 Imagine
  • 2016 Farr 30 Worlds, Sweden, 7th, Rock'n Rolla
  • 2015 Rolex Fasnet Race, Great Britain, 12th, X-41 Imagine
  • 2015 Rund Bornholm, Denmark, 1st, X-41 Imagine
  • 2015 X41 Worlds, Norway, X-41 Imagine
  • 2014 ORC Worlds, Germany, 11th, X-41 Imagine
  • 2014 Buenos Aires Panela, Argentina, 1st, Jabeque ORC
  • 2013 Rolex Classic Week, Uruguay, 1st, Cangrejo CIM
  • 2013 Argentina CIM Nationals, 1st, Leonor
  • 2013 Argentina ORCi Nationals, 1st, Jabeque
  • 2012 Argentina CIM Nationals, 1st, Leonor
  • 2012 Argentina ORCi Nationals, 3rd, Jabeque
  • 2011 Argentina CIM Nationals, 1st, Leonor
  • 2011 Argentina ORCi Nationals, 1st, Jabeque
  • 2010 South American Rolex Sailing Circuit, 1st, Mondo Difficile
  • 2010 Argentina ORCi Nationals, 2nd, Jabeque
  • 2009 Argentina ORCi Nationals, 2nd, Jabeque
  • 2008 Grumete Rioplatense, Argentina, 1st, Camoati
  • 2008 Buenos Aires-to-Rio de Janeiro, Argentina to Brazil (120NM), 2nd, Cangrejo CIM & ORC
  • 2008 Argentina ORCi Nationals, 3rd, Jabeque
  • 1987 Mar del Plata Sailing Week, Argentina, 2nd, Optimist

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