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About Quantum Sails Newport

It’s one thing to make exceptional sails, but at Quantum Sails Newport we go even further by making your challenges our own. With superior and personalized customer service, our sail consultants are with you every step of the way as loyal advisers, friends, and fellow sailors.

In our Service Department, we provide a full range of professional sail care and repair services for sails and canvas – from simple repairs to precise sail re-cuts. The first step for any project is an understanding of your needs and an evaluation in order to provide you with an accurate, up-front estimate of time and cost.

Services Include

  • Multipoint Inspections
  • Sail Repairs
  • Annual Sail & Canvas Maintenance
  • Sail Removal & Installation
  • Sail Pick-up & Drop-off
  • Sail and Canvas Washing
  • Canvas Waterproofing
  • Sail Mildew Removal, Mitigation and Prevention
  • Same Day/Overnight Repair Services
  • Precision Sail Recuts
  • Sail Conversions
  • Sail/Hardware Upgrades
  • Canvas Repair
  • Custom Sail Bag Fabrication (Racing, Cruising, & Off-shore)

Meet Your Quantum Team

At Quantum, we’re connected to sailors everywhere by our love of sailing and the belief that facing a challenge head on is infinitely rewarding. With a desire to serve and problem-solving approach, our local team is dedicated to being a trusted resource for all your sailing needs. We look forward to earning your business.

Choose a Team Member

Dave Armitage

David Armitage grew up around sails, with a father who earned a degree in naval architecture and an uncle who worked for Hood Yacht Systems. “We were very into boats and how to make them go faster,” he said. Designing sails and the creative process grabbed David’s attention, so he went to work for a local sailmaker during school holidays. It didn’t take long for him to realize it was what he wanted to do for a living.

The creative process is David’s favorite part of designing sails. “Being able to design a sail and modeling it in a virtual world is amazing,” he said. “Then going out on the boat and seeing it react in the same manner as it did in the virtual environment is incredible, and a real testament to the tools we’ve been able to develop to achieve this.”

A member of the Quantum Sails design team since 2002, David’s notable career includes a diverse list of accomplishments. He has extensive Grand Prix experience, having participated as a sailmaker, sail coordinator, and trimmer in both the America’s Cup and Whitbread/Volvo Round the World Race. He’s also been part of the design team that led Quantum’s highly successful TP 52 team to several world championships and many Super Series wins. He also continues to lead development in the highly competitive Farr 40 class. David has designed everything from One Design dinghy sails all the way up to superyachts.

Originally from New Zealand, David currently resides in Portsmouth, Rhode Island with his family.

Basic info
  • Nationality: USA
  • Position: Sail Designer
  • Current Town: Newport
Alex Clegg

Alex Clegg was only three years old when he started sailing with his family during the summers. A lover of the water, he started racing at East Greenwich Yacht Club and continued in high school and at the University of Rhode Island. He dabbled in high-level amateur sailing from 2006-2011, racing in the Melges 32, Farr 40, Swan 45 classes, as well as gaining experience in mid and large IRC yachts, J/111s, and Swan 42s.

In 2012, he decided to try to make his passion his career. “I had a good understanding of what it took to do well and achieve results in high-level Grand Prix sailing,” he said. With years of positive experiences with Quantum programs and representatives, he decided to join the Quantum team.

“I joined Quantum to take that next step in sailing and to learn about the sailmaking side – —how to build, repair, and analyze your sails,” said Alex. “There’s a certain element of sink-or-swim once you make the leap into this industry, but Quantum nurtures and helps employees grow. We’re a tight-knit family – a hardworking group and friends – and that’s key.”

As a sail consultant at Quantum Newport, Alex strives to meet his customer’s needs and makes sure they enjoy the experience. “If the customer is not having fun or enjoying the race, they won’t continue to do it and we all lose. I may love sailing, but I’m here to assist my customers in fulfilling their sailing goals.”

Basic info
  • Nationality: USA
  • Position: Sail Consultant
  • Home town: Newport
  • Current Town: Newport

Career highlights
  • 2015 Block Island Race Week, 1st Swan 42 Impetuous
  • 2015 NYYC Annual Regatta, 1st Swan 42, Impetuous
  • 2014 Newport Bermuda Race, 1st in class, Valkyrie
  • 2014 ST Block Island Race, 1st in class, Valkyrie
  • 2014 Charleston Race week, 1st in class, Cool Breeze
  • 2014 IRC Long Island Sound Champs, 1st Interlodge
  • 2013 NYYC Annual Regatta, 1st Swan 42, Impetuous
  • 2013 12 Meter NA Champs, 1st Victory ‘83
  • 2012 Newport Bermuda Race, 1st in class, Decision
  • 2012 Key West Race week, 1st Farr 40 class, Barking Mad
  • 2011 Farr 40 European Champs, 1st Barking Mad
  • 2011 Melges 32 North Americans, 1st, Volpe
  • 2009 Melges 32 World Championship, 1st Bliksem
  • 2009 Audi Sailing Series Events 2 and 3, 1st Bliksem
  • 2009 Miami Grand Prix, 1st Bliksem
  • 2009 IRC East Coast Championship, 1st Decision
  • 2009 Block Island Race Week, 1st Cool Breeze
  • 2006/2007 Ida Lewis Distance Race, 1st, Decision
Randy Shore

Randy Shore grew up sailing. His parents – both championship sailors – introduced him to the water at an early age, but it wasn’t until high school that he decided to devote his time and energy to sailing. With the help of several amazing teachers, including Quantum’s Terry Hutchinson, Randy became a championship sailor himself, eventually becoming a member of the only team to win three consecutive U.S. match racing championships.

Randy also grew up around sail lofts, working at Shore Sails, his dad’s loft. Midway through college, Randy was running the production floor when he realized he wanted to go into management. He left Shore Sails to study and learn business outside the industry before returning to sailmaking in 2005. “Three things got me back into sailmaking,” said Randy. “Having my father’s business to build on, wanting to own and run my own business, and having an extensive background in sailing and sailmaking.”

As part of Quantum Sails, Randy and the team at Quantum Newport have access to all of Quantum’s resources and expertise, but Randy said it’s working with customers and helping them improve that he enjoys the most about his job. “I tend to be more of a coach than a competitor,” he said. “When I walk away from sailing with customers, my measure of success is the knowledge that they have gained and the foundation we have built – as well as how much fun they had – rather than just the score on the results sheet. I take great pleasure in helping my customers meet their next challenge.”

Growing up doing bow, navigation, and pit on J/24, J/29, J/35, J/44, and Farr 40 boats, Randy now spends more time trimming and as tactician on bigger boats, but his preference is sailing one design boats. If you can’t find Randy working, sailing, or spending time with his family, look for him at a local Ska show!

Basic info
  • Nationality: USA
  • Position: Sail Consultant
  • Current Town: Newport
Career highlights
  • National, North American, and World Championship experience in:
  • Lightning (top-five finisher)
  • 12 Meter (top-five finisher)
  • Sonar (top-five finisher)
  • 210 (top-five finisher)
  • Ensign
  • Shields
  • J/24
Rob MacMillan

Rob MacMillan

Neal O'Connell

Neal O’Connell began sailing with his family in the 1960s before he discovered racing in the ’70s. He competed locally in PHRF races while also trying some longer distance events at the western end of Long Island Sound. Crewing for many of the best sailors in the area, he caught the racing bug.

He started making sails in 1978, but took 15 years off to manage a small manufacturing shop. The water called him back, however, and Neal returned to sail production, service, and finally sales. When the loft where he worked closed, Neal started looking for a company that provided a high level of service in addition to providing a top-quality product. He found that in Quantum Sails.

Neal joined the Quantum team in February 2014. With the company’s many lofts and employees, he’s able to help all of his clients through his own knowledge or by tapping into Quantum’s resources. “I strive to provide my customers with the best service, both before and after I make a sale,” said Neal. “I sail with each of my customers so they can get the best performance from their new sail. If something isn’t correct, I work hard to correct the problem as soon as possible.” A seasoned racer, Neal has sailed a variety of PHRF boats, C&Cs (from 30’-40’), J/29, J/40, J44, J/105, J/109, Baltic 38, and Tripp 37. Previously he’s owned and raced Thistles, Interclub, and Blue Jays, though he’s currently racing Vipers 640s, Shields, and Etchells.

Basic info
  • Nationality: USA
  • Position: Sail Consultant
Career highlights
  • Newport to Bermuda
  • Marblehead to Halifax
  • Ft. Lauderdale to Palm Beach
  • Key West Race Week
  • Block Island Race Week
  • Eastern Long Island Sound PHRF racing
  • 20 years on local PHRF committee, including 5 years as chief handicapper
  • Currently a board member of the Eastern Connecticut Sailing Association
  • Past Commodore of the Off Soundings Club, Baldwin Yacht Club, and Frostbite Yacht Club –Connecticut River Station
  • 4 years Head Sailing Coach – East Lyme High School, East Lyme, CT
David Simmons

David Simmons started sailing when he was 10 years old because his father wanted his children to know how to handle the boat. Though he originally started sailing to help his dad, David stuck with sailing because of the challenge. “Sailing as a sport can be anything from peaceful and calm to thrilling and exciting,” said David. After taking sailing lessons at Mystic Seaport in Dyer Dhows, he continued racing at his home yacht club throughout school, and even during his college years.

He eventually took a job as an apprentice sailmaker and enjoyed it completely. He’s been doing it ever since. In June 2015 he joined the Quantum team as the Service Manager at the Quantum Newport loft. With 40 years of experience working on all sizes and styles of sails, he can usually diagnose problems on the spot and let customers know exactly what needs to be done.

Now with Quantum's resources available to him, David can provide the highest level of service and expertise. “I like the fact that Quantum takes the idea of team seriously,” said David. “There’s a real structure to how the business operates. There is always someone to bounce ideas off of. The amount of support coming from the organization is amazing.”

Basic info
  • Nationality: USA
  • Position: Service Manager
Ike Bowen

Ike Bowen

Ike grew up in a family of deeply passionate sailors and brings to Quantum Sails decades of leadership and experience in both cruising and racing.

Since his first role as a sailmaker, he has worked in marine manufacturing, competitive sailing, project management, and composite rigging in the U.S. and Sri Lanka.

Ike is committed to his relationships with his sailing customers and is dedicated to making sure they get the most out of their time on the water.

Basic info
  • Nationality: USA
  • Position: Production and Sales Manager
  • Current Town: Newport, RI
Career highlights
  • 10 Newport Bermuda races (& counting), one St David's Lighthouse, several
  • class wins and first to finish in St David's Division twice
  • Five New England championships in the J35 class
  • East Coast Championships in the J35 and Mumm 36
  • North American Championships in the J29, J35 and Mumm 36
  • Marblehead to Halifax races