Quantum Sails Hungary

About Quantum Sails Hungary

As the exclusive distributor of Quantum Sails in Hungary, Quantum Sails Hungary has emerged as the market leader in Hungary. Our sails regularly appear on top performing racing boats, as well as numerous cruising boats. In order to better assist our clients in obtaining the best possible sails and in maximizing the performance of their boats, the team of Quantum Sails Hungary includes both experienced yachtsmen and racing sailors.

In 2014, we opened a workshop in Alsoörs, and we look forward to serving you here whether your needs involve sail maintenance or canvas creation or repair. Our sail service and repair shop is equipped with the technology to satisfy the needs of clients with sailboats of any size. We offer entire cordage systems and accessories for existing or new sails. Please contact us for anything you need to meet your sailing challenge.

Services Include

  • Sale of new sails
  • Professional and cost-effective repairs of damaged sails (both Dacron and laminated)
  • Production and repair of quality sail canvases
  • Support
  • Production of accessories (Lazyjacks, boat covers, etc.)
  • Quality cordage (halyards, sheets) from rope, for use in both tours and competitions
  • Sail Care Service - We disassemble, repair and reassemble damaged sails
  • Personalized repair package deals
  • Winter storage
  • Preparing boats for spring and winter

Meet Your Quantum Team

At Quantum, we’re connected to sailors everywhere by our love of sailing and the belief that facing a challenge head on is infinitely rewarding. With a desire to serve and problem-solving approach, our local team is dedicated to being a trusted resource for all your sailing needs. We look forward to earning your business.

Choose a Team Member

Miklos Rauschenberger

Miklos Rauschenberger

Gyerekkorom óta vitorlások közt élek, versenyszerűen 1986-óta vitorlázom. Mikor belevágtam a Quantum képviseletébe, hittem abban, hogy egy kiváló minőségű termék és a megfelelő vitorlázó tapasztalat párosítása sikerre van ítélve. Ezen az úton haladunk, és igyekszünk minden esetben a legjobb szakmai tudást mellétenni ügyfeleink igényeinek, hogy még jobb eredményekhez segíthessük őket! Sok lehetőség rejlik még a Quantumban számunkra, célunk még jobban kiaknázni ezt, új területeket, új piacokat megnyerni a jövőben! Elsődleges területem, a technikai részletek egyeztetése, megtervezése és a cég ügyvezetése.

Basic info
  • Nationality: Hungary
  • Position: Sail Consultant
  • Current Town: Balatonfüred

Hungarian, English