High performance
cruising mainsails.

Sail performance is every bit as important to cruisers as it is to racers. It's simply defined differently. It's not only about speed; great cruising sails are also rugged, reliable, and easy to maintain. They are designed to be versatile in a range of conditions. They are easy to handle and put you in control. And they help to contain heel and minimize helm, providing a more comfortable ride. Quantum cruising mainsails provide the ultimate sailing experience.


Sail shape is key to its performance. That's why all Quantum® mainsails are designed using our proprietary iQ Technology®, combining three dimensional shaping, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and finite element analysis (FEA) to create custom shaping. Each sail is tailored on a sail by sail basis to expected usage and boat specific constraints.


Two construction options


Woven Polyester (Dacron)  Woven mainsails rely on the proven performance and durability of traditional woven polyester. They continue to be the most popular and affordable type of mainsail construction for small to medium size cruising boats. Woven mainsails provide excellent balance between performance and durability.


Fusion M® Composite Membrane  Fusion M cruising mainsails utilize composite construction. They are engineered on a sail by sail basis as one-piece membranes with custom fiber mapping tailored to the sail's design purpose and expected usage. They can utilize a variety of fiber types. They provide lower stretch and greater strength, improving both intiial performance and long term shape retention without sacrificing durability and reliability.


All Quantum® cruising mainsails are ruggedly built to take on the most ambitious sailing plans with wide seams, triple-throw stitching, extra layering, a unique batten pocket system, webbing and proper reinforcement throughout.