Quantum Sails Lead Weegie to Victory Around Long Island

Richard Fleischman’s Columbia 32 Weegie not only won the Doublehanded Division D2 at the 2014 Around Long Island Regatta, with an inventory of new Quantum® asymmetricals, he posted the fastest corrected time for the entire race.

Last year, Fleischman purchased Weegie with an existing inventory of sails. At the end of the season, however, he called Quantum sail consultant Tom "TK" Kinney at his Norwalk, Connecticut loft for help with his asymmetrical sails. Kinney, along with Quantum rep Kerry Klingler, went to Long Island to sail with Fleishman, evaluating his sails and making recommendations. After measuring the boat, Klingler designed the sails while Kinney used graphics and spreadsheets to show how each sail would set on the boat.

Last weekend, Fleischman put the sails to work at the Around Long Island Regatta. The results speak for themselves.

“Just wanted to say thank you for the new sails,” Fleischman said. “We had a phenomenal race around the island, and the CZ specifically was the game winner. Weegie beat the entire PHRF fleet by no less than fifty-nine minutes. Love the A2 as well! Thank you!”

For full results from the 2014 Around Long Island Regatta, click here

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