Quantum Sails Finish Second on Tiebreaker at 2012 J/22 Midwinters


By Terry Flynn, Quantum Seabrook

Thirty-five boats competed in the J/22 Midwinters with Quantum’s Terry Flynn taking second place in the six-race series. Here's Terry's report.

The Houston Yacht Club did a great job hosting the J/22 Midwinters last weekend. On Friday, the first day of racing, things started off slowly while we waited for the northerly winds to die down. Sailors were greeted by a solid 25 kts of wind with gusts to 35 kts. The RC postponed, and as predicted, the wind died down to 15 to 20 early enough to let us complete two races. 

Saturday was just the opposite. The best wind was for the sail-out. After a few attempts to get a race going, the RC wisely sent us back to the dock. The wind never settled in so we never went back out.


The law of averages worked in our favor and Sunday turned out to be picture perfect with southeast winds from 12 to 15 kts. The start time was moved up an hour and we had enough time to get in four more races to save the regatta. 

Personally, the regatta outcome could have been a little better for me. I ended up in second place loosing on a tiebreaker to Chris Doyle. He sailed a great regatta and deserves the victory. 

New V6 Mainsail from Quantum

Our V6 Mainsails made their debut at this regatta and got rave reviews. Quantum V6 mains finished 2nd, 5th, 10th,11th. The newer design has a finer entry and a little less luff curve. This allows us to add to the girths, making the sail faster in lighter winds and downwind. Still made with the high-quality, yarn-tempered cloth; the draft stays where it is designed and responds quickly to adjustments of backstay. 




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