Quantum® Sails Power Five of the Top Ten Finishers at J/24 Midwinter’s

Congratulations to Peter Bream and his team on Tar Heel, winners of the 2011 J/24 Midwinter’s. Powered by Quantum® sails, the team sailed a flawless regatta, finishing 1, (4), and 1,2,2,1 in the six races held over two days at the Davis Island YC in Tampa, Fl. Tar Heel had great starts combined with breakaway speed and an uncanny ability to stay on the correct tack resulting in a performance that dominated the 26-boat fleet.

Tar Heel sailed with 2011 Quantum® sails: the TH-2 Main, the Technora Genoa and the Full Radial Spinnaker. Team members also participated in the Quantum® One Design tuning session on the practice day before the regatta leading to some key changes that helped them become the fastest boat in the regatta. The two main adjustments were moving the mast step back slightly as well as sliding the genoa leads forward.

The mast step was moved back about 3/8” in order to increase the pre-bend to 2 ½” (at a rig tension of 20 on the uppers and 15 on the lowers using a Loos model B tension gauge). This also increased the head stay sag to a negative three fingers (the head stay should become so loose that one can place three fingers between the end of the tension gauge and the head stay). The increased pre-bend allowed the main to be trimmed harder without stalling the upper leach too early. The extra headstay sag powered up the genoa in the lulls. The genoa leads were moved forward so that when sheeted in, the space between the spreader and the genoa was 2-4 inches while the distance between the shroud chain plates and the genoa was 3-5 inches. This provided the power to accelerate off the starting line and out of tacks in the 6-11 knots of breeze.

John Mollicone and Team 11th Hour Racing from Newport, RI were second with 13 points. John also had the 2011 model Quantum sails.

Contact Tim Healy at Quantum Newport or a loft near you for the latest information on the 2011 Quantum J/24 sails.

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