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Now is the Time to Plan Your Season

Anyone seeking smoother sailing will benefit greatly from System Sailing. After all, Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. 

As the name suggests, System Sailing is a systematic approach to preparing and creating a foundation for your boat and crew. System Sailing can be applied to suit your sailing style, whether you are planning for a new cruising destination, gearing up for an offshore race, looking to get the most out of casual day trips, or preparing for a delivery sail. No matter what the season holds, Quantum’s collection of System Sailing information will be your go-to reference and guide. 

For sailors in colder climes, there’s no better time than the winter months to think ahead and get the less-fun maintenance items taken care of. Once spring comes, you’ll be fully prepared to get on the water and enjoy. For those in more moderate climates, take a moment to assess and inventory your equipment while the season is a little slower. Leaving a boat in the water year-round can add serious wear-and-tear to equipment. Don’t forget a mid-season checkup on some of your on-the-water and crew processes. 

Wally Cross of Quantum Detroit created the System Sailing Playbook to help you document your program. The playbook and video series start with 1.1 - The Boat and take you to 1.2 - The Crew. These two sections give you the building blocks for 1.3 - Season Plan & Goals as your processes take shape.

As you think about the season ahead and work through the first section of System Sailing, you will almost certainly come up with a list of maintenance items and questions to tackle before you’re ready to get back on the water. Call your local loft for any service, new sail, and inventory optimization needs or expert advice on any of the processes related to System Sailing. Quantum has a team of dedicated consultants with diverse sailing backgrounds ready to help you face your challenges head on. 

Download the System Sailing Playbook and get your season started. Ready to jump ahead to the next section? Check out the complete collection of System Sailing here.

Get in touch with Wally Cross to learn more about System Sailing and how to apply it to your boat and crew.

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