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Melges 20 Domination in Miami

Welcome to Miami - Igor Rytov's Russian Bogatyrs took on the Melges 20 fleet at Miami and dominated.

What do Russian Bogatyrs, Heartbreaker, and Kuai have in common? They all sailed expertly to the podium at the second event of the 2019 Melges 20 Miami Winter Series, and they all trusted Quantum to help get them there. Here’s a recap of the event as these teams prepare for the Worlds in Miami this April.

The Melges 20 Miami Winter Series dished out a whole range of conditions to test the 16 teams on the water. Races sailed in light winds and flat water on day one, followed by a ripping 20+ knot easterly with large chop on day two. The last day saw near-perfect Miami sailing in the 12- to 16-knot range. 

Igor Rytov’s Russian Bogatyrs has been on fire, and this event was no exception. The team took delivery of a new Quantum Fusion M VX black mainsail in Miami and sailed it and the rest of their Quantum inventory to the top of the podium. “The range of conditions gave us the full spectrum to see how the sails performed,” said Quantum’s Scott Nixon of the new line of racing sails. “The sails are very stable through the wind ranges and in the upper wind speeds, yet they are very forgiving as the conditions change so boat set up is not as critical as a very stiff fabric.” The new Fusion M VX sails sport an edgy ultralight black skin. The skins are less susceptible to shrinkage, enabling them to hold their fast shape longer. The opaque skin also protects the fibers from UV radiation and adds overall durability to the sails.

Breaking podium hearts - Robert Hughes' Heartbreaker sailed their new Fusion M VX sails to a second place win.

Sporting a full set of new Fusion M VX sails, Robert Hughes’ Heartbreaker took second. Even more impressive, they did it with a team that had never sailed together. “Miami, as usual, exceeded expectations,” says trimmer Federico Michetti. “After so many years of racing against Heartbreaker, it was great to finally be able to sail with them. It was a great experience, and we very proud of our second place, considering that was our first time sailing together as a team. Rob Hughes is a very good driver, very focused and motivated to improve his skills. Manu Weiller called great tactics always, putting us on the right shift. As a newborn team, we have to work hard in order to be compete against this great fleet at the World in few months.”

Manu Weiller reflected on sailing with the small crew on a 20-footer. “It's quite different from sailing bigger boats,” he said. “With only three crew members, everybody gets to do a lot of different tasks, and we all help each other to make the boat perform at its best. Same with tactics, I try to involve everyone so we don't miss anything. I often ask for input on laylines and thoughts about where to find the best puff so I can focus on our boat and working with the helmsman to get the best speed. When a difficult call has to be made, Federico does my job as a trimmer so I can focus outside of the boat.”

Daniel Thielman’s Kuai, which translates to “fast” in Chinese, lived up to its name by barely edging out Robert Wilber’s Cinghiale for a third-place win by one point. Both teams sailed with Quantum upwind inventories. Vladimir Prosikhin’s Nika and Alexis Michas’ Midnight Sun also placed in the top 10 with their Quantum inventories, in sixth and eighth place respectively.

Look for more to come on Quantum’s new Fusion M VX black racing sails. Click here to view the full results from event two of the 2019 Melges 20 Miami Winter Series.

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