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We are proud to once again sponsor Bell’s Beer Bayview Mackinac Race with the Bayview Yacht Club. We plan to have a series of articles that will help you prepare for this journey, as well as offering a seminar series in May and June.  My theme this year is exploring all options.

I often refer to sailboat racing as assembling a really big puzzle. Not only are there many pieces, they all have equal importance in the final result. It is my goal this year to explore every option that contributes to the success of this race.

My first task will be to interview each class winner, as well as the competitors that finished mid-fleet and in last place. If I’m speaking with someone in a new class, my goal is to read up on the boat, rig, sails, and style of sailing from as many sources as are available. I start with the tuning guides and try to see if one, two, or more have similar set-ups or similar changes in adjustment. I will also talk with sailors who have sailed in this class.

In each class I am looking for patterns at each of the three levels to find clues that may give us all more insight on how to better prepare for the race.  Typically when you speak to two sailors, you get two completely different stories, yet if you speak to ten, you may find six have similar input. This will help me find those patterns and clues.

I understand it is still winter and most sailors are not even thinking about sailing yet, but I am. I promise I will do all the homework for you, asking the tough questions that will help reveal those clues and patterns. Your homework (while you are waiting for my analysis) is to drive to all the marinas in the area and look at the bottoms of the boats that have had success in this race. See if there is something about their boat bottom that may have given them an edge during the race last year.

I will have my winner’s report by next week.

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Inspiring “Green Horn Kids” Complete First Bayview Mackinac Race

The Green Horn Kids head to the starting line. (l-r): Stuart Fletcher, Tommy Caulfield, Colin Hexter, Ryan Hexter, Leo Buchanan, Tom Caulfield.

Tom Caulfield started the Green Horn Kids program as a way to introduce his son to big-boat racing. Last month, with a crew of six boys, ages 8-10 years old, Christina with a Sea II pulled into the Mackinac Island marina forty-six hours and twenty-eight minutes after leaving Port Huron, Michigan, as part of the 2014 Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race. Together with his son’s friends and their dads, and thanks to the generosity of boat owner Ari Buchanan, not only did the Green Horn Kids finish the race, they also inspired others to introduce young sailors to big-boat racing.

“It was fantastic,” said Tom. “They did more than sixty percent of the actual sailing, and they saw everything – thirty knot breeze, torrential rain, eight-foot waves, no wind. All the kids were fully engaged.”

Tom and the other dads spent the winter and spring teaching and training with their sons for the overnight race, including spending time at the Quantum Detroit loft working with Wally Cross and Gary Jacoby. The practice paid off, as Tom said the young crew was fully prepared for the event. “They were incredible. They knew what to do, they were all up-to-speed on safety. The safety inspector came on board before the race, and he was shocked that every one of the kids knew where all the safety gear was and how it worked.”

Danny Gerhardstein elected to take the helm so his teammates could eat lunch.

It wasn’t simply their knowledge of the boat that helped them through two-days on the water, though. “Their team work was better than I expected,” said Tom. “We set up a watch – four hours on, four hours off. A couple of hours into the race the kids caught on to the concept. They really worked together to get it down. They kept track of everything, made sure the safety equipment was set, even helped get food for each other. Having six kids spend forty-six hours fully engaged and helping each other displayed a great amount of team work. I was really pleased with them.”

For the boys, it was nothing short of an adventure. Ten year old Leo Buchanan has been sailing Optis for five years, but enjoyed his first big-boat race. “They said it would be a light-wind race, but we got wind speeds of thirty knots. That surprised me,” he said. It made for some enjoyable sailing though. “My favorite part was traveling up Presque Isle. It was very wavy, but it was fun.”

Stuart Fletcher, now eleven, said the ever-changing weather taught them a lot about sailing. “Sailing at night was a lot harder than I thought it would be,” he said. “The weather changes a lot during the evening, so you have to deal with that.” For him, those changes added to the excitement. “It’s an adventure. You never know what’s going to happen.”

Tommy Caulfield, Tom’s eight year-old son, said he would encourage any kid interested in sailing to try it. “It’s a great experience on the water,” he said. “We are the first group of kids to do the Mackinac race, and we want people to know how much fun it was. It was a lot of work, but it was fun.”

Approaching 9 knots, though the race reached 30 knots at times. All of the boys agreed: their favorite part was going fast!

Though the boys took control of the boat and made most of the decisions, their dads were on board with them, sharing watches and helping as needed. They also shared in the experience as their kids guided the boat toward a waiting crowd on Mackinac Island.

“I’ve done 15-16 races, and as we crossed the finish line, this is the first race when I’ve heard people cheering and yelling on shore,” said Tom. “As we approached, there were 50-60 people on the dock welcoming us, including the race chairman. It really gave the boys a boost and helped them see that they’d accomplished something incredibly big.”

With the Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race behind them, the Green Horn Kids are looking ahead to next year, but Tom says the positive response has been so big that he’s not exactly sure what’s next. “We’ve been approached by people that have a definite interest, but we’re not sure how the Green Horn Kids will morph in the immediate future. Our biggest goal is to build, and we’re planning to do a lot, we just don’t know yet how it will look.”

One thing’s for sure, though. Tom achieved his original goal of inspiring a new generation of big-boat sailors that have fallen in love with the water. “During the race, Stuart’s father told me that his son asked how much longer to the finish. His dad thought Stuart was getting bored or looking forward to the end. He told Stuart we had forty miles, or about eight hours left.” His son’s response: can’t we just keep sailing?

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Junior Sailors Take on the Bayview Mackinac Regatta

Tommy Caulfield (8), Leo Buchanan (10), Stuart Fletcher (10), Colin Hexter (8), Ryan Hexter (10),  
Daniel Gerhardstein (9), are the Green Horn Kids. They'll be racing the Christina with a Sea 2.
Tom Caulfield fell in love with sailboat racing when he was eight years old. Now he’s helping his eight year-old son fall in love with the sport by providing an opportunity for junior sailors to compete on a big boat. This summer, the Green Horn Kids will compete in the 2014 Bayview Mackinac Race as part of Tom’s plan to promote sailing among kids while generating an interest within the sailing community to help develop the next generation of sailors. 
Tom has been racing big boats for years, but during last year’s America’s Cup he noticed a lack of American sailors. In a sailing article, Tom read that fewer children have exposure to the sport. He decided to change that. He put together a junior, big-boat program, the Green Horn Kids, to sail in the Bayview Mackinac Race. 
The team includes six boys ages 8-10 years old. They have all sailed Optimist dinghies and most have sailed aboard a big boat, but this race is their first opportunity to sail the boat, a Beneteau 49 named Christina with a Sea 2, themselves.
Their education began this winter when they worked on the boat while it was in storage. Then they met in each other’s homes for Sailing 101. “We did some light classroom stuff,” said Tom. “We went over a lot of sailing terms – starboard, port, head, clew – so when we’re racing, especially at night, they’re aware of the terms.”
The Green Horn Kids started training for the Bayview Mackinac Race
this past winter and quickly applied their knowledge on board.
They also spent some time at the Quantum® loft in St. Clair Shores, Michigan with Wally Cross and Gary Jacoby learning the ins-and-outs of sails. “We brought in the sails from the boat, and Wally and Gary took time with the boys, explaining why it’s shaped the way it is and how it creates lift. They even gave the boys each three feet of line and taught them to tie knots,” said Tom. “Gary is also planning on coming out with us to show the boys what to look for in the sails while sailing.”
When the boys finally made it to the water this spring, their abilities surprised everyone. “By the second time we went out, they were sailing,” said Tom. “They might have needed help grinding a winch, but they quickly grasped the concept.” Though the boys will be sailing the boat in the Mackinac race, their dads will be on board to make sure they arrive safely, and to help with winches as needed.
Tom said everyone is excited about the race and looking forward to getting on the water. “The boys are really excited about sailing overnight,” he said. “We’ve done it a few times at night, but never stayed out. They’re kids, so they’re also looking forward to getting up to Mackinac Island and eating fudge.”
Stuart Fletcher, Leo Buchanan, Ryan Hexter, Tommy Caulfield, Daniel Gerhardstein, and Colin Hexter
are ready for their first big-boat race.
Tom, however, sees the bigger picture. “I want them to understand the essence of a crew and team work, to learn how to help each other and overcome obstacles, but what I’m most looking forward to is watching them complete the race. I want them to be able to say they did it, and if we’re the last boat in but they want to go again next year, we’ve won.”
Quantum is proud sponsor and official sailmaker for the 2014 Bell’s Beer Bayview Mackinac Race and supporter of the Green Horn Kids team.
To learn more about the Green Horn Kids, visit www.sailmacnow.com