J/70 World Championships – We’ve Got You Covered

For support before or during the J/70 Worlds, call on any of the following Quantum® team members who will be attending:

Wally Cross, 586-596-8854wcross@quantumsails.com
Farley Fontenot, 281-381-9030farley@quantumsails.com
Kerry Klingler, 914-924-3466kklingler@quantumsails.com
Marty Kullman, 727-560-0164mkullman@quantumsails.com
Scott Nixon, 410-703-2578snixon@quantumsails.com
Randy Shore, 401-849-7700rshore@quantumsails.com
Allen Terhune, 732-644-1051aterhune@quantumsails.com
Nightly sail service will be available. Best of luck to all teams!

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