2014 Pacific Cup Underway

The boats left Point Richmond, California last week on their way to Kaneohe, Hawaii for the 2014 Pacific Cup, the fun race to Hawaii. Quantum rep Patrick Whitmarsh is among the racers looking forward to twenty knots of breeze and t-shirts and shorts on deck.
The newest addition to Quantum Pacific, Whitmarsh knew that when he entered the sail industry he wanted to do it at Quantum Sail Design Group. “I know Ed Reynolds, Farley Fontenot, and the guys at the local office,” he said. “I have respect for them, and the company has a great reputation that’s based on the staff. I wanted to work with the people who are involved with Quantum, and I’m happy to be part of the Quantum team.”
Whitmarsh and the other Quantum Pacific reps have been busy in and out of the loft the past few weeks helping sailors prep for the off-shore race. “The depth of our staff helps set us apart from other sailmakers,” Whitmarsh said. “We can offer more experienced manpower toward getting boats ready.”
In addition to servicing many Pac Cup sails under the guidance of Service Manager Ben Mercer, they also participated in the Pacific Offshore Academy, a series of informational sessions prior to the race. Whitmarsh, Jeff Thorpe, and Will Paxton presented “Winning Sails Strategies,” a session on sail inventory and how to decide which sails to use.
Whitmarsh is looking forward to his fourth Pac Cup, his first as a Quantum rep. “It’s a unique race because it’s one of the largest races on the West Coast,” he said. “It’s an amazing experience.” 

For more information on the Pacific Cup, or to follow the race results, click here

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