Quantum Welcomes New Affiliate to Southern California


Quantum Sail Design Group is pleased to introduce its newest affiliate loft, Quantum Sails SoCal, owned by Sam Heck. A 30-year veteran of the sail making business, Sam has made everything from hang glider wings and covers to advertising balloons and Maxi boat sails. In the late 1980s, he ran his own loft, where he designed and made a variety of sails, including some of the first Tape-Drive sails. 


Sam chose to affiliate with Quantum after seeing the quality of our products. “I was selling North sails, when I got hired by a Farr 40 owner to coach his program. I saw the Quantum® sails, and all the changes I wanted to make in the North sails were already done to the Quantum® sails,” said Sam. “The customer went from near-last every regatta to second for the season in the largest fleet in the United States. Quantum® sails gave us a click on the other boats. To me, they were obviously superior.”


Sam’s been sailing since he was 16 years old, when his parents moved their entire family aboard a sailboat and spent a year cruising around Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and Gulf states. “It was a great experience,” he said. “It had a profound effect on my attitude toward life and family, and it sealed my fate in the sailing industry.” In addition to cruising, Sam took up racing. Sailing primarily in larger keelboats, he’s participated in dozens of Mexico races and TransPacs, many Coastal Cups, Big Boat Series, all the SoCal Series, Key West, Chicago-Mac, Martha’s Vineyard, and more. He’s sailed everything from Cal 20s to Maxis.


Combining his extensive sailing experiences with his sail making talents and Quantum’s resources, Sam believes he can help make any program better!



Sam Heck, Owner

Quantum Sails SoCal

1620 W. Cowles St.

Long Beach, CA 90813

T: 562-624-4325





Nancy and Todd Wheatly of Bahia Marine Hardware in Seal Beach, CA continue to represent Quantum as manufacturing representatives. 


Quantum Long Beach

714 Marina Dr.

Seal Beach, CA 90740

T: 562 799-7444 

Email: nwheatley@quantumsails.com

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