Countdown to Quantum Key West 2012

Registration Now Open

Quantum Key West 2012 is taking shape and online registration is underway. If you're planning to race, join the pacesetter group by registering early. Payment is not due until December 20th. Come January, we hope to see Quantum® customers out in force, so let us know what we can do to help you prepare. Contact your Quantum® rep or loft near you

Current Entries

WTF, Alan Field, Melges 24

Hot Mess, Rob Britts, Melges 24

Blu Moon, Franco Rossini, Melges 24

Courageous, Gary Panariello, J/80

Rogue Tripp, David Eames, Tripp 26

Turbo Duck, Bodo & Nick von der Wense, Farr 30

Rhumb Punch, John & Linda Edwards, Farr 30

Mummbles, Brad Kauffman, Farr 30

Just Plain Nutz, Norm Dean, Farr 30

Groovederci, Deneen Demourkas, Farr 30

Gotcha, Nate Tower, Farr 30

Samba Pa Ti, John Kilroy, Jr, Melges 32

Pisces, Benjamin Schwartz, Melges 32

Intac, Mark Plaxton, Melges 32

Arethusa, Phil Lotz, Melges 32

L'Outrage, Beneteau 10m Finot/Faus

Tres Hombres, Kitterman / Tyer / Ghormley, 1D35

GameChanger, Marcie & Dave Smith, 1D35

Mental, Paul Stahlberg, J/111

Meridian X, W.S. Shelhorse, Farr 400

Big Booty, Pat Eudy, Lutra 42

Antilope, Willem Wester, Grand Soleil 46

Anema & Core, Ennio Staffini, JV 52

Interlodge, Austin and Gwen Fragomen, Botin- 52



Warpath at Key West. Photo by Ken Staneck



Beautiful Key West Keeps Teams Coming Back for More


Bill Sweetser, owner of the J/109 Rush, has already reserved his house for Quantum Key West saying he wouldn’t miss the annual event. “Once I got started with it, I never looked back because it’s so much fun,” says Sweetser, who will be participating in his 9th Key West Week after making the leap from Wednesday night racing. 


“I was newbie when I went for the first time,” recalls Sweetser, ”but we’ve done better each year. Looking back, our progression has been continuous. The crew is pretty consistent now,” says Sweetser. “We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and can compensate and optimize the boat’s performance based on this knowledge and experience.” 


Sweetser remembers January’s regatta as particularly exciting with strong competition coming from a new J/111 and a Beneteau First 44.7 that had five bullets out of the nine races. “We did really, really well; it was very exciting. I felt we had a shot at it, but in the end the lighter 111 had the points to take the lead.” 


From Annapolis, MD, Sweetser appreciates the opportunity to do some sailing between seasons to keep his skills fresh and says the racing is competitive, but comfortable. However, he acknowledges, it is costly. “Just to stay there is not inexpensive and then there are the transportation costs.” Planning ahead is key and finding reliable service providers essential.


Sweetser uses Big Dog Marine Transport and Annapolis Rigging, who make the process of hauling and rigging the boat trouble-free. “I recommend people shop around for rigging and trucking and find riggers who have plans to be there, like Jay Herman with Annapolis Rigging. He does a great job for us, he knows exactly what needs to happen and when I get back on the water, the boat performs exactly like it did before it came out.”


Quantum Atlantic Rep Tad Hutchins, who sails with Sweetser, says there are a number of transporters and riggers who know the drill for Key West. “It’s not as hard as it seems and a good place to start is with a Quantum Rep who can recommend service providers in a given market. What’s most important is to start the process early.” 



New Information Available on Quantum Key West Website


2012 NOR


Hotels, Inns and Vacation Properties

Premiere Racing's Host Hotel Program provides excellent options for owner and crew housing needs. Click here for 2012 information


Marinas-Dock Space-Slips

Boat owners are responsible for arranging their own dockage. If you are racing in a one design class, it is recommend that you communicate with your class or a regular Key West campaigner who is familiar with the Key West marinas and logistics. 


Key West and Stock Island have multiple, viable options for dockage. Boat owners are responsible for arranging their own dock space. Many private marinas do not accept early reservations; however, this does not reflect on the availability of slips during race week.  Click here for 2012 information.



Chartering a boat for race week is a good turnkey option for those looking to avoid dealing with the logistics of getting their boat to/from Key West. Click here for 2012 information.



American Airlines is the Official Carrier. Use promotion code 1512BI for a 5% discount. Details and any other available group discounts for travel or vehicle rentals will be posted on the Logistics section on the event web site.




Let us know what we can do to help you get ready for Quantum Key West Week 2012. We hope to see you there!


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