The Quantum Knowledge Base contains technical documents* related to Quantum's products, services and the sport of sailing. Click on a column heading to sort the list.

*Crewing in a Star
By Magnus Liljedahl. I always loved sailboat racing. There was nothing else that I would rather do...
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*Fleet Discount
3 to 5 suits 10% may need up to 4 weeks...
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*Interview with Freddy Loof 2001 Star World Champion
I started to sail optimist (3 years old), Europe, OK dinghy, Lasers and then into the Finn...
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*Race Day Checklist
Race day checklist
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*Regatta Organizer
Regatta organizer
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*Star Mast Stands
It’s nice to have a set of mast stands to set your mast on when working on it...
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*Star Mast Tune Downwind
By Mark Reynolds. Setting up your mast properly for running is almost as important as your upwind setup...
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.Interlake Tuning Guide
The comprehensive Quantum Tuning guide.
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.Loose Rig Tuning Guide
This is our "quick set up guide". These are the essential numbers which will allow you to get the most from your Quantum Flying Scot sails...
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.Set up Document
Wind/Waves - Light winds and flat water
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