Viper 640

A perfect blend of a high-performance dinghy and a balanced, steady keel boat, the Viper 640 is gaining traction around the country and the globe. Its growth is no surprise: Racing a Viper 640 is close, fast, and fun. Utilizing the benefits of one-design racing in a nimble and lightweight package that is welcoming for all sailors. Quantum handles the marginal gains with the most highly tuned sails to match this exciting boat. Our tuning guide will get you started on becoming the sailor you want to be.

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Viper 640 Mainsails

Viper 640 Mainsail - Polyester

Visually pleasing and high performing, the Fusion X Polyester Mainsail injects the maximum amount of power into the Viper 640 while being easy to control. Dimension Polyant fabric makes the Fusion X a high-strength sail, and a radial cut for strength, stretch resistance, and longevity makes this mainsail the ultimate choice for the Viper 640.

INCLUDES: Sail turtle bag, RBS battens.

Viper 640 Headsails

Viper 640 Spinnakers

Viper 640 Asymmetrical Spinnaker

We've worked closely with our Melges team to design a kite that can handle the demands of a high-performance one-design fleet. We've added shape in the head of the spinnaker to help the boat sail lower and faster off the breeze while still being able to roll over the crowd. Described as the ultimate spinnaker in this class, the R2, made with Dynakote 75, is the largest, lightest sail that gives sailors the widest range of sailing angles so they can sail the race they want.

INCLUDES: Sail bag.

Choose a Team Member

Farley Fontenot

Farley is a lifelong, world-class sailor with more than 30 years of experience as one of the world’s top sailmakers and yacht racers. In 1985, Farley teamed up with John Kolius and started UK Sails Texas. The loft became the premier sail maker on the Gulf Coast and gained international recognition for its success in Grand Prix events. In 1996, Farley co-founded Quantum Sails and now serves as Executive Vice President.

Among his many accomplishments, Farley is a two-time member of the J/24 world championship team and has sailed aboard the winner of the Southern Ocean Racing Conference, the International 50’ class world champion, and the One Design 48 circuit season champion. He and Kolius teamed up again on the water and have won the J/80 North Americans, taking second at the J/80 Worlds.

Farley coaches many Melges 32 teams, races on RP 86 Windquest, and races his own Viper 640.

Basic info
  • Nationality: USA
  • Position: Executive Vice President
  • Current Town: Seabrook
Career highlights
  • Annapolis-Newport
  • Newport-Bermuda
  • One Design 35 Circuit
  • Trans Pac
  • Kenwood Cup
  • San Francisco Big Boat Series
  • Maxi Boat World Championship
  • One Ton Worlds
  • Ultimate 30 Pro Series
  • One Ton North Americans
  • MORC Internationals
  • Japan Cup
  • Geelong Race Week
  • Block Island Race Week
  • World Match Racing Series
  • Whitby Island Race Week
  • Farr 40 AC Trails
  • J-109 NA Champion
  • TP 52 Windquest
  • Chicago and Port Huron to Mac
  • Hamilton Island Race Week
Zane Yoder

Zane Yoder grew up sailing in a baby seat in an O'day Widgeon. At the age of seven, he began racing Sunfish. Once he was hooked, he started racing various boats in the Gulf Yachting Association. His primary focus was one design, but he raced lots of PHRF as well. "My father was an avid racer and he owned and raced lots of different boats, which allowed me to learn from him and some of the best the south had to offer."

Zane's love for the sport grew as he embarked on some major sailing adventures. "I sailed on a Bargue rigged tallship around the world, which included Cape Horn at age 16." Shortly after, he became a member of Team LYRA, a dominant youth racing program. Joining the youth team lead him to become a top Laser sailor and earn a bid for the 1996 Olympics.

Not long after the 96 trials he shifted his focus to 35-75ft boats. He sailed and managed boats for the next 15 years. He raced everything from Melges 24 to Andrews 73 and everything in between. In any given year he would race on 20 different boats. "This made being specialized in any boat difficult, but made me a much better all around sailor."
Zane has also been a sailing coach for most of his life, coaching several athletes that have gone on to win College sailor of the year, and US Sailing Team Honors.

Basic info
  • Nationality: USA
  • Position: Sail Consultant
  • Current Town: Daphne
Career highlights
  • SORC Overall winner
  • Key West Overall winner
  • Heineken Cup Regatta Overall winner
  • Sunfish Midwinter Champ
  • F/S Jr NA Champ
  • Top 10 in over 30 Nat Champs Sunfish,Laser2, Laser, F/S ,M24, Rhodes 19,J24,J22
  • O'day Finals 2nd
  • Mallory Finals 2nd
  • 94-96 US Sailing Team