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The preferred choice for many one-design racers, the Thistle is a challenging, fast, and exciting boat with a lot to offer. The Thistle is also a relatively easy boat to sail with a maximum projected sail area and low weight haul, all of which keeps racing with it competitive and fun. Quantum and its iQ Technology have produced the ultimate performing sails for these epic crafts. For the longest lasting, best sails to handle the marginal gains, Quantum’s sail package delivers peak performance for your Thistle.

We're also here to help you gain the most from the Thistle class. We offer clinics, coaching, and helpful resources so that you can focus on having fun, learning, and enjoying the Thistle and all that it has to offer. Joining this engaging community can help you develop skills so you're ready to take on the next challenge. Quantum has representatives around the country who support and collaborate with one another and work hard to help you sail faster and smarter.

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Thistle Mainsails

Thistle DT-5 Mainsail

The DT-5 is the ultimate all-purpose mainsail. The sail's flat lower exit makes it forgiving and easy to trim. Setting up the rig for outstanding performance is also straightforward; it's ready to help you hit the course flying. The DT-5 is made from Dimension Polyant 165 OD HTP+, which has been proven to be a fast, durable material on the racecourse.

INCLUDES: Two tell tales on the leech; and optional draft stripes.

Thistle Headsails

Thistle TJ-7b Jib

The TJ-7B is the ultimate headsail for the Thistle. With more sail area than any other Thistle jib, this sail produces the perfect amount of controlled power. The TJ-7B's versatility gives it a wide and forgiving groove. Designed for easily adjusting trim and halyard tension, this sail will exceed in the range of conditions. It is made from Dimension Polyant 180 OD HTP+ Polyester, which improves sail longevity, shape retention, and performance.

INCLUDES: Luff telltales and an upper leech telltale; and optional draft stripes.

Thistle Spinnakers

Thistle Spinnaker Cross Cut

Quantum has worked hard to make our spinnakers the best in the fleet. This Crosscut is a proven design that excels when running and reaching. It's easy to trim, maintains its shape, and excels when it comes to speed. This spinnaker is made with AirX 600 for added durability and performance in a minimum weight package.

Thistle Spinnaker Radial AP

Quantum has worked hard to make its Thistle sails the best in the fleet. The Radial AP is optimized for reaching while still providing plenty of power to sail deep angles. This sail flies when the wind is forward. It is made for the reaches and runs inherent in big regattas. The sail's flatter shape and greater reach also keep up speed in light wind and help the boat shift the apparent wind angle forward to sail lower.

Thistle Accessories

Thistle Mainsail Battens

Thistle mainsail battens.

Choose a Team Member

George Szabo

George grew up in San Diego racing Stars, Lasers and Snipes. As a kid, he made sails for his model boats before eventually taking a part-time job with Quantum during high school and college. He came on full-time in 1993 as a sailmaker and designer.

Using the latest computer design programs, George is able to create the fastest, most efficient sails for smaller One Design boats. This technology, combined with his intimate understanding of One Design sailing, allows him to create the most versatile sails available. The San Diego loft designs a variety of One Design sails, including Thistle and Lido 14, but their specialties are Olympic Class Star and Snipe boats.

George is the 2009 Star World Champion, as well as an 21-time National/North American Champion. In addition to his sail-making abilities and wins, he is also an accomplished keelboat tactician and trimmer.

Basic info
  • Nationality: USA
  • Position: Sail Consultant
  • Current Town: San Diego
Career highlights
  • 2011 Star North American Champion
  • 2010 Star North American Champion
  • 2009 Star World Champion
  • 2005 Star North American Champion
  • 2005 Snipe National Champion
  • 2001 Star North American Champion
  • 2000 Snipe North American Champion
  • 2000 Snipe National Champion
  • 1999 Snipe North American Champion
  • 1999 Snipe National Champion
  • 1998 Snipe North American Champion
  • 1998 Snipe National Champion
  • 1997 Snipe North American Champion
  • 1997 Snipe National Champion
Mark Reynolds

When Mark Reynolds walked into the Opening Ceremonies at Sydney’s Olympic Games, he made U.S. Olympic yachting history as a four-time consecutive Olympic representative in the same event. Well-known as the “Star of the Star class," Mark has won two world championship titles ('00,'95) and three Olympic medals (1992 Gold,1988 Silver, 2000 Gold) in arguably the most competitive One Design class in the world.

Mark started sailing with his father (also a Star World Champion, sailing with Dennis Conner in 1971) when he was four. As a sophomore on the San Diego State University sailing team, he was an All American, leading the collegiate team to 2nd place finishes in 1974 and 1975 in the North American Dinghy Championships. A protégé of Dennis Conner, Mark started his first Olympic campaign in the Flying Dutchman class.

After the 1980 Olympic boycott, Mark started sailmaking at North Sails. Two years later, he left to start his own Sobstad loft, then joined Quantum Sails before the 2000 Olympics.

Basic info
  • Nationality: USA
  • Position: Loft Owner, Quantum Sails San Diego
  • Current Town: San Diego
Career highlights
  • 2012 inducted into the Sailing Hall of Fame
  • 2002 Farr 40 World Champion (tactician)
  • 2002 inducted into Sailing World’s Hall of Fame
  • 2000 ISAF/Sperry World Sailor of the Year
  • 2000 Star Olympic Gold Medalist, Sydney
  • Star World Champion (’00,'95)
  • 1992 Star Olympic Gold Medalist, Barcelona
  • U.S. Olympic Committee Athlete of the Year for Sailing (’89, ’92)
  • 1988 Star Olympic Silver Medalist, Pusan
  • 1986 Goodwill Games Gold Medalist, Estonia
  • 1979 Pan Am Games Snipe Gold Medalist
  • Continental Star Champion (10 Times)
  • Bacardi Cup Champion (’02,’98,’97,’93,’90,’89,’84)
  • Kiel Week Gold medalist (’79,’86,’00,’02)
  • 1978 Snipe US National and North American Champion (3 times)
  • 1979 Snipe Worlds runner up
  • ICYRA All-American (’75)
Date Regatta Result
Oct 18, 2020 Great Pumpkin Regatta 1
Sep 13, 2020 2020 Thistle Old Goat Regatta 1,5
Feb 2, 2020 2020 Thistle Midwinters West 1, 2, 3, 5, 6
Feb 1, 2020 2020 Thistle Midwinter Regatta 1,2,3,5,6
Nov 3, 2019 2019 Thistle Bloody Mary Regatta 2,6,8
Sep 8, 2019 2019 Old Goat Regatta 2,6,7
Jul 25, 2019 2019 Thistle Nationals 1
Jun 26, 2019 2019 New Jersey and Long Island Sound District Championships 2
Jun 9, 2019 2019 Lake Erie and Michiana Districts Results 3
Apr 7, 2019 2019 Thistle Southeast Regional Championship 1
Mar 17, 2019 2019 Orange Peel Regatta 2, 3
Nov 10, 2018 2018 Jubilee Regatta 1
Oct 27, 2018 2018 Great Pumpkin Regatta 1
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