A j/24 crew racing upwind flying a Quantum Mainsail and Genoa


The J/24 class is known for its versatility, adaptability as well as its welcome embrace to sailors of all backgrounds. Quantum's experience with the class means that you're getting the best, longest lasting sails to elevate your performance. Our sails have brought some sailors to the highest professional level, and brought others bragging rights for their successes at local club races. With a full set of Quantum sails, you'll be able to point higher and go faster. Made with premium quality materials, these sails are almost bullet-proof; they'll last through those blowout regattas, as well as maintain a great shape in lighter air.

In addition to fast, premium quality, lasting sails, we've got a group of experts who are willing and able to guide you in unlocking the peak performance of your J/24. We're here with support, webinars, tuning guides and dock talks to help you get the most out of your boat. Every sailor has a different sailing style and crew weight; Quantum's tuning guide and class experts will help you find the right rig settings and sail combinations for every challenge. Working with Quantum's sailmakers, you’ll be able to achieve your optimal performance in every condition.

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J/24 Mainsails

J/24 Mainsail TM-1

Durable and easy to set up, Quantum's Cross-Cut TM-1 Mainsail is up to the challenge. Unmatched on the local and world championship stages, this sail has been described as fast, controllable and powerful. Proven to out pace and out point the competition, if you are looking to elevate yourself and your crew this season, this is your sail. Constructed with the highest quality Dacron, this is the fastest, smoothest sail on the market.

INCLUDES: Inked sail numbers, draft stripes, tube bag and J/24 class royalty.

J/24 Headsails

J/24 Tri-Radial S.F. Class Jib

Built for the month of August in San Francisco, the J/24 Tri-Radial S.F. Jib can handle any velocity and sea state. This is our most popular heavy air jib for the J/24. Known for its controllable power and rugged durability, this is the sail of choice for the top J/24 teams. Having two world championships under its belt, there's a reason why J/24 teams choose Quantum. The S.F. Jib delivers reliable shape and an extra level of control in breezy conditions. The Tri-Radial Dacron sail minimizes drag and guarantees top-notch boat speed to get through those rough waves.

INCLUDES: draft stripes, tube bag and J/24 class royalty.

J/24 Genoa MaxQ-2

The new MAXQ-2 sail is the ticket to speed, durability, minimum weight, and maximum performance. It's a versatile sail that can handle up-range wind speeds and has power in the downrange chop. The Quantum team developed the sail using an all-new cloth and with a design that focused on entry, optimized groove, and overall shape, resulting in a sail that excels across the wind range in all conditions. Maintaining the faster shape in light breeze, and, with a few adjustments, a flatter, controllable shape in medium-to-heavy air sailing proved successful in its debut, winning the 2022 J/24 North American Championship.

INCLUDES: Draft stripes, telltales, sail numbers, tube bag, and the J/24 Class Royalty.

J/24 Spinnakers

J/24 Full Radial Spinnaker

Snappy to trim, fast and well-rounded. This legendary Spinnaker is built with premium nylon for light, easy trimming while maintaining shape. Built with Superkote 75 for maximum speed and minimum weight, this is a sail built to excel in a range of conditions. Tested by world champions, this sail will have you at the next mark in record time. This spinnaker is well balanced, easy to trim and easy to drive behind. Not to mention, it comes in a variety of colors to add another level of cohesion and allure to your boat.

INCLUDES: class royalty.

J/24 Accessories

J/24 Extra Batten Set

The standard lengths and tapers that come with the Quantum mainsail. 

This product may be ordered through your local rep or a class expert.

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Choose a Team Member

Scott Nixon

Scott Nixon has been involved with racing his whole life. An All-American sailor at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Scott later coached many students to the All-American ranks at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. He has a wide range of racing experiences, including dinghies, One Design keelboats, inshore big boats, and offshore distance racing.

Scott joined Quantum Sails in 2000, and his experiences bring a unique skill-set to Quantum’s programs. Focusing primarily on One Design classes, he is directly involved in testing, design, and development of Quantum’s One Design sail programs, working directly with the design team to make sure Quantum® sails are at the front of the fleet.

Scott has sailed with Quantum customers to win championships at the world, Gold Cup, European, North American, and national levels. His hands-on approach includes active campaigns and racing in the following classes for Quantum: J/22, J/24, J/70, J/80, J/109, J/111, C&C 30, Farr 30, Farr 40, NYYC 42, Swan 45, Melges 20, Melges 24, and Melges 32.

Basic info
  • Nationality: USA
  • Position: Global Offshore One Design Director
  • Current Town: Annapolis
Alejandro Irigoyen

Alejandro Irigoyen

Alejandro Irigoyen started sailing when he was 12 years old. His father was a keen sailboat racer at the Yacht Club Argentino, and Alejandro spent his weekends racing and living aboard the family’s wooden S&S Finisterre. By the time he graduated high school, Alejandro knew he wanted to dedicate his life to sailing, so he started studying yacht design.

He started his sailmaking career in 1982 working for Hood, before starting his own Sobstad loft. In 2001, Alejandro joined the Quantum Sails family. “It was a natural decision,” he said. “I shared the same view and goals as the founding group.”

Though he’s sailed in various classes, Alejandro’s expertise includes Optimist, Cadet, 470, Snipe, J/24, J/70, J/105, Soto 33, and Soto 44 classes. Whether he’s sharing his class knowledge and experience, or helping customers organize their campaigns and training, Alejandro’s passion for excellence provides the best service, products, and support for his customers.

Basic info
  • Nationality: Argentina
Career highlights
  • 15-time National Champion in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Peru
  • 6-time South American Champion in Cadet, 470, J/24, and Soto 40 as helm/skipper
  • Coached 470 Olympic bronze medalist teams in 2000 & 2012
  • Coached Soto 40 Team Negra in 2010 & 2013
  • Has successfully raced as helm/trimmer/tactician on board various One Design and offshore boats at regattas in more than 30 countries around the world
Kris Werner

Kris Werner grew up in Queens, NY, and spent his childhood on the water, sailing and fishing. He is a graduate of New York Maritime College at Fort Schuyler, where he earned an unlimited tonnage/oceans USCG license and a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Transportation and Business.

After four years of collegiate varsity and offshore sailing, Kris served as a collegiate sailing coach and waterfront director. His career took him all over the world as a ship's officer on ocean-going tankers. In 2004, Kris came to Rochester to earn his way to Chief Officer on the Rochester Fast Ferry. He then worked as a Broker with RCR Yachts and began collaborating with Steve Haarstick on sail designs for various boats, including J/70s, J/24s, and other offshore vessels. For three years, he worked at Haarstick Sailmakers before transitioning to becoming the owner of the loft which is now Quantum Sails Rochester. Kris has extensive experience in offshore and one-design racing campaigns, both as a helmsman and a crew member. In addition to being a familiar face on the racing circuit, Kris enjoys spending time cruising with his wife and three boys.

Basic info
  • Nationality: USA
  • Position: Great Lakes Regional Manager
  • Current Town: Rochester
Career highlights
  • 2023 - J/22 North American Championship, 2nd Place
  • 2022 - J/22 World Championship, 2nd Place
  • 2022 - J/70 North Americans, 3rd Place
  • 2022 - J/70 Midwinters, 4th Place
  • 2018 - Verve Cup/J-88 North American Championship- 1st Place
  • 2018 - CanAm Challenge- J-88 Great Lakes Championship 1st Place
  • 2018 - Charleston Race Week- J-88 1st Place
  • 2018 - J/24 Midwinters 3rd Place
  • 2017 - Charleston Race Week – J/88 1st Place
  • 2017 - J/88 North American Championship 1st Place
  • 2017 - J/22 Midwinters - 2nd Place
  • 2017 - Quantum Key West- J/88-1st Place - Tactics/Mainsail
  • 2016 - J/24 Great Lakes Championship- 1st - Helm
  • 2016 - CanAm Regatta- J-88 Class- 1st Place - Tactician/Mainsail
  • 2016 - J/22 World Championship- 4th place - Tactics/Bow
  • 2014 & 2015- J-70 Winter Series- 5th Overall- 45boats-helm
  • 2013 - Charleston Race Week One Design Overall Champion- J/24-helm
  • 2012 - Newport-Bermuda - 2nd Place - Swan 42-helmsman
  • 2012 - Argo Gold Cup Match Race World Tour event- Bow
  • 2011 - IRC North American Champion-helm
  • 2009 - Lake Ontario / LYRA Boat of the Year- Beneteau 40.7-helm/tactics
  • 2009 - Lake Ontario 300 - 1st Place-skipper
  • 2006-8 - Meter North American Champion-tactics/mainsail
  • 2005 - J/24 Great Lakes Champion-helm
  • 1998 - 2001 Coached NY Maritime College Sailing team to National Ranking
  • 1998 - Empire State Games- Gold Medal- Laser
Carter White

Carter White began sailing before he could walk, going on trips in the family's Lightning and then their J/24. He has experienced the beauty of the Gulf of Maine in a variety of cruising and racing boats. Having sailed and raced on multiple continents and at hundreds of locations, Carter considers the Maine coast of one the best places in the world to sail.

An accomplished junior sailor, Carter competed on the national level in multiple National Championships including the U.S. Sailing Bemis and Sears competitions. He then took a chance on an upstart college program at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, where he majored in Economics and joined an aggressive, young, and new sailing team. He helped build the program into a national contender almost immediately; by his senior year, the program was ranked number one in the country. Carter was named All American for outstanding performance in inter-collegiate sailing competition.

After college, Carter worked for a local sailmaker in Maine where he learned to design, build, and repair sails; install marine rigging; and manage a small business. He enjoyed helping the company grow into the leading local source for sails, canvas, and rigging. During this time, Carter sailed with many customers, helping them win major championships such as the PHRF New England Championships and Key West Race Week.

Carter ultimately started his own business, managing sailing regattas and providing custom apparel and marketing products to marine businesses and events. Originally started in 2007 as Regatta Promotions, Carter set out to help yacht clubs and sailing organizations run better regattas. The business is still going strong today. Having successfully accomplished his mission, Carter and his wife, Molly, are now offering their years of product knowledge and expertise through You Regatta. You Regatta is located in the same facility as Quantum Sails Downeast in Falmouth, Maine.

One-design sailing is where Carter has showcased his sailing talents, winning three U.S. National Championships in three different one-designs. He won the prestigious U.S. Sailing Mallory Cup in 2017, skippering a J/70 at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club as a representative of the Portland Yacht Club and SailMaine. He has skippered his J/24 You Regatta to many top finishes including fifth at the 2017 J/24 Worlds and second at the 2019 J/24 Midwinter Championships. Carter has won events sailing a variety of boats, including Swan 42, J/24, Lightning, Hinckley 51 SW, Custom 27’, Frers 36 & 41, Farr 30, Beneteau 36.7, J/80, J/70, 420, J/105, Etchells, Laser, Vanguard 15, and S2 9.1

While Carter has been working with Quantum, he has enjoyed the opportunities and rewards to reconnect with past clients in new ways that continue his true passion of helping sailors get more out of their boats, whether on the race course, gunkholing down the coast, or making a long ocean passage.

Basic info
  • Nationality: USA
  • Position: Portland Loft manager/Sail Consultant
  • Home town: Cumberland, Maine
  • Current Town: Portland, Maine
Career highlights
  • 4-time Maine High School State Champion (1990-1994)
  • All American for Hobart & William Smith Colleges (1998)
  • Key West Race Week (2001), 1st place, Tactician and Starting Helmsman
  • Swan 42 U.S. Nationals (2011), 1st place, Mainsail Trimmer
  • Block Island Race Week (2011), 1st place, Swan 42 Division, Mainsail Trimmer
  • Swan 42 U.S. Nationals (2012), 1st place, Mainsail Trimmer
  • Charleston Race Week (2014), 3rd place, 80 boat J/70 class, Tactician
  • J/24 U.S. National Championship (2016), 2nd place, Skipper
  • U.S. Sailing Adult Championships Mallory Cup (2017), 1st place, J/70, Helmsman
  • J/24 World Championships (2017), 4th place tie, Helmsman
Date Regatta Result
Mar 5, 2024 J/24 Midwinter Championship Corinthian 1, 3, 4, 5
Oct 22, 2023 2023 J/24 East Coast Championship Overall 2, 4, 7
Oct 22, 2023 2023 J/24 East Coast Championship Corinthian 1, 2, 3
Oct 8, 2023 J/24 US Corinthian National Championship East 2023 2, 3*, 4, 5
Oct 1, 2023 45th Annual J/24 Changing of the Colors Regatta 2023 1, 2
Aug 27, 2023 2023 J/24 European Championship 3, 10
Aug 16, 2023 2023 J/24 North American Championship Overall 2, 3, 7
May 21, 2023 2023 US Nationals 2, 4, 5
May 7, 2023 2023 Helly Hansen Sailing World Regatta Series - Annapolis 2, 3, 4
Apr 23, 2023 Charleston Race Week 2023 1
Apr 2, 2023 2023 J/24 Nor’ Easter Regatta 1, 3
Mar 19, 2023 2023 Helly Hansen Sailing World Regatta Series - San Diego 1*, 4
Feb 26, 2023 2023 J/24 Midwinter Championship Overall 3, 4, 6, 7
Feb 26, 2023 2023 J/24 Midwinter Championship Corinthian 1, 2, 6
Feb 19, 2023 2023 Helly Hansen Sailing World Regatta Series - St. Pete 1
Oct 30, 2022 2022 J/24 North American Championship 1, 5, 6, 8, 9
Oct 2, 2022 Changing of the Colors J/24 Regatta 2022 1, 4
Sep 25, 2022 2022 HOOD Regatta 3
Jul 24, 2022 2022 J/24 Worlds 3
Jun 19, 2022 2022 J/24 Lambert Lai Memorial Regatta 1, 2, 3
Jun 12, 2022 2022 Szép Balaton Kereked One Design Cup 1, 2*, 4*, 5, 6*
May 15, 2022 2022 Helly Hansen Regatta Series - Annapolis 1st
May 1, 2022 Charleston Race Week 2022 1st, 2nd
Mar 27, 2022 2022 J/24 Nor'Easter Regatta 1, 3, 4
Feb 20, 2022 2022 Helly Hansen Sailing World Regatta Series - St. Pete 2
Oct 24, 2021 J/24 East Coast Championship 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10
Oct 3, 2021 J/24 Fleet Championships 1, 2, 4*, 5*, 7*, 9*, 10
Sep 12, 2021 2021 J/24 US Nationals 3, 5, 6, 8, 9
Aug 29, 2021 J/24 Downeast Regatta 1, 4, 8, 9
Aug 29, 2021 J/24 Hungarian Nationals 1, 2*, 3*, 4*, 5, 6, 7, 8
Aug 15, 2021 Füred Kupa One Design Trophy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9
Jun 20, 2021 2021 J/24 North American Championship Overall - 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Corinthian - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
May 2, 2021 2021 Annapolis NOOD 2, 3