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Multi-Hull Cruising Downwind Sails

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Reaching Sails

Sometimes referred to as "code zeros" or "code sails," the category of reaching sails gets confusing quickly as the term can apply to a broad range of sails. To simplify and clear up any confusion, Quantum developed its line of reaching sails around the target apparent wind angles. After all, this is how we actually sail! Our three sail options are defined by possible apparent wind angle and overall optimum range. Each reaching sail line is available with a traditional torsional cable or as an XC cableless sail with a structured luff.

Running Sails

Downwind sails fall into two categories: reaching and running. For broad angles, Quantum's line of spinnakers fits the bill. Quantum's A3 is an all-purpose asymmetrical spinnaker and covers the mid-range, while the A2 is designed specifically for broad reaching and running performance.

Downwind Sails FAQ