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Multi-Hull Cruising Downwind Sails

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Cruising Downwind Sails

Enjoy the Ride with Spinnakers from Quantum Sails

What started as a simple, multi-purpose asymmetrical spinnaker for cruising has been transformed into a series of three models specifically designed for the unique requirements of avid cruisers. Directly descended from our racing designs, Quantum’s cruising spinnakers provide unmatched levels of control, stability, and reliability. Each model is optimized for specific wind angles while offering versatility for a broad range of use.

Designed for Performance, Built to Last

All cruising spinnakers feature multi-panel, tri-radial construction for accurate 3D shaping, smooth flying shape, and precise alignment of loads. Only the highest quality nylon, polyester and laminate spinnaker materials are used, while attention to construction details ensures rugged durability and dependability.

Only the Best Materials and Construction

  • Corner reinforcements glued for maximum bonding and smoothness
  • Narrow head gores reduce diagonal load on seams
  • Fanned radial patches distribute loads and minimize weight at corners
  • Leech, luff, and foot-control lines restrain flutter and provide additional strength
  • Graphics can be applied using different methods and materials depending on the design, usage and budget

All spinnakers include leech and foot control lines and sail bag.



Spinnaker Handling Systems

To make asymmetrical spinnakers useful and easy to handle for the typical short-handed cruising there are two options to consider.

Spinnaker Dousing Sleeve

A dousing sleeve pulls down over the sail using a continuous control line, typically with a bell-shaped opening to allow the sleeve to be easily pulled down or up. The sail is set inside the sock, then deployed once fully hoisted, by pulling the sock up over the sail. To take down, the sleeve is pulled down over the sail and dropped under control.

Furling Systems

There are two varieties of furling systems for cruising spinnakers. A free-standing torsional rope can be inserted into the luff of the sail and attached to a traditional furling system, usually with a continuous-line drum that allows unlimited furling. This is wound from the bottom up. These work fine for sails that are relatively small and flat such as A0 sails.

For larger asymmetrical spinnakers, such as A3 and A2, a top-down furling system is preferred. A torsional rope is used, but instead of being inserted into the luff of the sail it remains separate. When the continuous furling line is pulled, the tack rotates on a swivel and the top swivel begins to wrap the spinnaker around the rope, furling from the “top down.” This is the only way to furl a larger spinnaker where the top sections are designed for broad reaching and running.

Cruising Asymmetrical Spinnakers

Cruising spinnakers are designed for specific apparent wind angles (AWA). The polar chart depicts downwind traveling from the stern to the bow of the boat. Click on a spinnaker for the product description.
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Asymmetrical Spinnaker Polar Chart

Polar Chart

A0 - Close Reaching 0 - 15 / 50 - 125
A2 - AP Running 10 - 20 / 100 - 145
A3 - AP Reaching 8 - 20 / 65 - 135
Asymmetrical Spinnaker Polar Chart
A0 - Close Reaching
  • Designed for light-to-medium-air close reaching. Useful in most conditions limiting need for sail changes.
  • Adapted from Code Zero technology for racing boats. Smaller, stronger and easier to handle for the cruiser.
  • Allows for tighter reaching angles.
  • 40% larger than typical furling genoa.
  • 70% of the size of a maximum-area spinnaker.
  • Primary roller-furling genoa design. Optional set-up on its own furling system for easier handling.
  • TWS of 4-16 knots and TWA of 60-125°
A2 - AP Running
  • Designed as a light-to-moderate air running sail.
  • TWS of 4-20 knots and TWA of 100-160°
A3 - AP Reaching
  • Full-size reaching and all-purpose asymmetrical spinnaker. Ideal for broad-reaching angles.
  • Projects maximum of area to weather of the middle when eased.
  • Stable and easy to trim.
  • Perfect for heavier displacement boats and turbo performance for lighter boats.
  • Strong and versatile with Spectra luff rope and glued.
  • Tear-drop corner reinforcement system.
  • Full tri-radial layout.
  • Handling can be simplified with a sock.
  • TWS of 4-20 knots and TWA of 80-145°
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